It's Official...

My mom made these cute seasonal blocks for me...I also have Harvest, Winter and Spring! And for those of you like Brad who don't "get it" the 3 fireworks take the place of the other "m" in "summer." :)

Jakob's last day as a Kindergartener!

They had a fun carnival and I was in charge of the "Freeze Dance/Hula Hoop" Station, so this is the only picture I have of him doing an activity. But he was having fun!

And what a better way to end the day and kick off summer than with an Otter Pop?
Now today we have family coming in town and so I have to get to work on cleaning and straightening up the house before they arrive! :) Next week we will be spending time down at the beach in San Clemente! Can't wait!!!!


Yippee Yippee Yee!

Monday was "Dance Day" at Jakob's school where each grade level perfoms a different type of dance. The kindergarten classes did something like a square dance. Very simple, but very cute! They were asked to come dressed in "western" clothes...so, here's my little cowboy!!!!

He melts my heart.

Jakob wore an old western shirt and vest from Brad's childhood, and his great-grampa Roy's hat. And you can't see it in the picture but he is even wearing a sheriff badge...but it is a "water police" badge...so cute! This is with his amazing teacher, Mrs. Martone. We love her!

They had so much fun doing their cute dance, and we all had so much fun watching! I just wish I would have remembered to bring my video camera. I NEVER seem to remember that!
Oh well...at least I got pictures!


EWWWW! and another EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!


"Mom, come here! You HAVE to see this!" Is what Joshy was yelling from outside in our front yard. So I went out, and this is what I see:

I've seen a few too many Black and Brown Widows lately -- IN OUR YARD -- and it is really starting to freak me out. My kids play outside ALL THE TIME. I think it's time to spray again!! ICK!

FV1 Pinewood Derby Activity

A couple of weeks ago our ward held a Pinewood Derby activity. Brad wanted no part in "Team Hanson" so I did the car by myself. I made an "iCar" and I found the idea here, thanks Design Mom! (LOVE her!) Check out my sweet car:

Some took it more seriously than others...this is my friend Tom's car, complete with propeller and remote control! It was part of the "Anything Goes" Category. It was AWESOME!

Even though my car was cute, it was slow...mainly due to aerodynamics, placement of weight and the fact that the wheels were crooked. :) Oh well, it was my 1st EVER!

I won the "Tortoise Award" -- I'm sure you can figure that out!


Super Readers To The Rescue!

I took Jakob and Josh to Toys R Us for a Super Why activity on Saturday afternoon. It wasn't much...in fact the staff was very unorganized and started about 20 minutes later than they advertised. But, luckily it was right by the train table so the kids kept themselves occupied with that until we started.

Jakob as "Super Why" and Joshy as "Alpha Pig"

Jakob enjoyed coloring...

...Joshy enjoyed story time...

...Joshy also played bingo and won some tattoos...

...and here they are with a huge Super Why cutout...

Even though I thought it was pretty lame, they seemed to have fun. But when it was time to go they started freaking out because we weren't buying anything. Typical! Oh well...it got them out of the house for a bit so Brad could get some work done! :)

If you haven't heard of this show, check it out. It's usually on at 8:30am on PBS.


Dreams do come true!

Joshy hates his curls. I LOVE his curls. He's 4 so I should still have some say in how he has his hair cut, right? Well, I made the mistake of promising to give him a "hair-a-cut" like Jakob's (I love how he always wants to be like his big brother!) once he turned 4 and after I had gotten some cute pics of him with his curls. His dream came true last Saturday... So now he looks like a completely different and OLDER kid...and yes, I miss his curls...but I love seeing how happy it makes him. He asked me if his hair will still be curly when he's 10. I answered, "yes." To which he replied, "But it's not curly right now!" I don't think he understands that even though it's short, it's still curly! Maybe I need to read him that Shel Silverstein poem about the wavy head. Does anyone remember that?

*EDIT* Here's the poem:


I thought that I had wavy hair
Until I shaved.
Instead, I find that I have straight hair
And a very wavy head.

Written by Shel Silverstein (1930-1999)

Anyway...if you want to see the "before" pictures, go here. :)


San Clemente Slideshow

For those of you who are interested, here is a slideshow from our girl's weekend in San Clemente...Can't wait to do it again!


Oh, Baby! Check It Out:

A new promo on my photoblog!
thanks for looking!


Me in all my Triathlon GLORY! ha ha ha ha!

dude, check out my nostrils!!!!

just finishing the bike ride...notice the PINK bike? (thanks Kristie!)

the FINISH LINE! I was barely shuffling at this point!!!!!

Two proud and rockin' mamas! WE DID IT!!!!


Only $9.99 at Target! (available June 2nd)

My all time favorite band has a new album coming out tomorrow...can't wait to hear it!


* * Don't forget to pause my playlist before watching the trailer!!!