Friends, we have an amazing opportunity! 

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I leave you with an image that takes my breath away...a San Clemente sunrise...January 2010.



I love this song...and absolutely LOVE this version by this Father and Daughter...her sweet little voice had me in tears!  I especially love her yawn at the end...so sweet!  (scroll down to pause my playlist, then play the video!)

<br/><a href="http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/amazing-father-daughter-duet/1jr0ozb7m?rel=msn&src=v5:embed:&fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Amazing Father Daughter Duet">Video: Amazing Father Daughter Duet</a>


cleanliness is next to...

IMPOSSIBLE it seems!  At least in my house!  It's partly due to the fact that #1, I don't really enjoy cleaning.  #2, I live with 3 little boys, the youngest of which is like a tornado.  #3, Did I mention that I don't enjoy cleaning? 

Well, I go through spurts of motivation to clean...and to KEEP clean.  I set a goal (with Brad) to keep our little, tiny kitchen clean...because if we do, then I might actually WANT to cook in there.  Part of the problem with this, is that we are the dishwashers.  So...washing by hand takes time, and unfortunately isn't really a job that I can trust Jakob to do yet.  So, that pretty much means that I am the dishwasher...although Brad does his fair share too!  (thanks babe!)

So...I was thinking about what motivates me to keep things clean...other than when company is coming over, or when we run out of dishes or clean underwear.  That is pretty much pushing it to the limits -- which, sad to say, but oh so true, happens more often than not.  Then I walked over and flipped the switch on my Scentsy warmer, and I realized that when my house smells good...it tricks me into thinking it's clean...so when I look around and the smell doesn't match what I see, I WANT to clean it! 

Are you driven by smell?

What keeps you motivated to keep your house clean? 

Do you have a daily routine?

What do your kids do to help out?   

DO your kids help out???

If you don't own a dishwasher (like us) who washes and who dries?

 I love this tea towel...and I would buy one but I'm pretty sure it's OUT of my budget.  So for now, I will just admire it online...and continue to trudge forward in trying to keep my house clean and smelling nice


love this...

** scroll down to pause my playlist before watching this **


what a week!

There were lots of big things happening with Jakob turning 8!  His cousin McKell just recently turned 8 as well, and so we went to her baptism on Saturday.  Then Jakob's baptism was Sunday, and we had lots of family and friends there supporting him!  Jakob also just started Cub Scouts...and is absolutely THRILLED to finally be a part of scouting!  Here are a few pics from the past week...

With Mom & Dad

With Papa Marc & Grama Betty / With Grama Hanson

Joshy, Kainoa, Jack, Jakob & Drew -- Best Friends!

With Daddy getting ready to be baptized!  

Primary Class

With McKell on her baptism day, and again after Jakob's baptism

The whole family!

Ready to go to Cub Scouts!

I must say it is really strange entering this new phase...but also very wonderful to see how happy my boy is!  We are so thankful for the support of our friends and family and the positive influence that they are on Jakob!


planning ahead...

If it's already out in the stores, then it MUST be time to start planning for Valentine's Day, right??? 

Well friends, it's time to start planning for my annual Valentine's Day exchange! 

Here are the details of the swap:
  1. Put together a fun gift box/bag/basket/etc. full of Valentine's Day themed goodies (i.e. decorations, traditions, recipes, games, treats, etc.)
  2. Don't spend more than $20
  3. Deliver it to your person within a week of Valentine's Day
  4. HAVE FUN!
If you're interested in participating (and remember we're keeping this local (FV/HB) sorry out-of-state friends/family!) then leave a comment on this post, or email me at sharibeth78 AT hotmail DOT com by Friday, January 21st. I will draw the names on Saturday, January 22nd and notify everyone by email who their person is. This will hopefully give everyone plenty of time to plan, purchase, package, and deliver by the week of Valentine's Day! Oh yeah! It's up to you if you want to reveal who you are or if you want to remain anonymous! 

I hope to hear back from a lot of you...it will be really fun!


yes, please!

Last night all of the girls in my bunco group were talking about doing a cupcake exchange next month -- think christmas cookie exchange...  So, this morning I was browsing the wonderful WWW and came across this glorious site!  Ming Makes Cupcakes has beautiful pictures, which I definitely appreciate...since you eat with your eyes first, right?  AND mouth watering recipes...YES! she includes the recipes!  The above are 4 that are on my MUST TRY THIS list! 

Take a minute to browse her cute site...and don't leave out the savouries...I definitely want to make these too!

Thanks for sharing with us Ming!!  I can't wait to try out one of these scrumptious recipes!


Eight is Great!

Eight years ago our first baby, Jakob Bradley Hanson was born!  It was a traumatic experience for me...so much so that the first words I said to him were, "You hurt me!"  Any mother out there knows what I'm talking about.  Childbirth isn't a walk in the park!  And then hearing your doctor tell you (as he's stitching up your episiotomy) that your baby has "paved the way" for the next one is NOT COMFORTING!  But, knowing that Brad was 10 lbs and I was 9 lbs 7 oz, I figured that my baby would be a big one.  Jakob was 10 lbs 1.4 oz.  And YES, I have to include that 1.4 oz because they do INDEED count!  :)  

As you can see in the picture above (sorry about the bad quality...) he doesn't look like your typical newborn because he was so big.  But I love this picture showing us together for the first time as parents working together to do a simple task like put a onesie on our new baby!  I have worried and felt sad so many times that this poor child has been our guinea pig...as we fumble along learning how to be parents, he is so patient and always so forgiving and obedient.  For this, I know that he was sent to us first for a reason.

Jakob has blessed our family with his amazing mind and his charming wit!  When we were pregnant with Joshy, we just couldn't imagine anyone having a personality as big as Jakob's.  Well, if you know Joshy, then you know it's possible!   (Drew is just as exciting as his brothers by the way!)

As Jakob has grown, I've been constantly taken aback by his ability to understand things...he truly has a thirst for knowledge and has an incredible mind and imagination.  He is a sensitive soul and understands me and my crazy emotions on a level that I doubt any other 8 year old could.  He is kind and compassionate and genuinely loves his brothers and his friends...and would do anything for them.  

I love this kid more than words can describe, and even though I selfishly want to keep him small forever, I am also excited to see what he can become.  He has immense potential!


Happy Birthday to my handsome Jakob!


Top 10 in '10

Top 10 Hanson Happenings in 2010

10.  Jakob taught himself how to ride a bike!  He never even used training wheels!

9.  The tooth fairy visited Joshy 3 times!

8.  Drew is FINALLY potty trained, and goes to preschool every Tuesday!

7.  Brad became a college student and a soccer coach for Joshy’s team! 

6.  Joshy graduated preschool and started Kindergarten!

5.  Drew tapped into his “inner artist” and discovered that the walls, carpet, furniture, etc. are his canvas!  Call us if you’d like a custom mural in your home! 

4.  Jakob morphed into a killer soccer player during his 2nd season, and is looking forward to spring soccer!

3.  Shari did 7,000 loads of laundry (no joke!) and in her spare time (HA!) took 50,000 pictures (also no joke!) 

2.  Brad passed the first part of the EA exam!  (EA = Enrolled Agent – it’s a tax man thing!)

1.  Brad and Shari celebrated 9 years of marriage on Dec. 29th!   My, how time flies when you’re having fun!

2010 was a wonderful year!  Hugs and Kisses from the Hansons!

Brad, Shari, Jakob (7, 8 in January!), Joshy (5) & Drewbie (3)