love my boys

Joshua has just started saying, "I love you" in the past few days...and it is so adorable. I remember when Jakob learned how to say it...we'd start by saying, "I...love..." and he say "YOU!" Eventually he said the whole phrase by himself, and it has become a very common phrase around our house. I am so grateful for that...and hope that it doesn't slip away as the boys grow older and saying things like "I love you, Mom" become embarrassing to them. I remember a friend I had in high school who always told his mom that he loved her when he'd leave the house, hang up the phone, or whatever. I really admired that and thought, "someday, when I have kids, I hope they tell me they love me." When you hear it from a sweet, innocent child, it melts your heart. I try to give as many hugs and kisses and cuddles as I can now because they are already getting so big and some day it won't be as easy to do -- mainly because I'm afraid they won't let me. I am lucky enough to have two sweet little brothers who are both very affectionate and huggable. So growing up with them laying on me and being my "blanky" and hugging me pretty much every day was something I really cherish. Now that I have two little boys of my own, I hope that they will be like my little brothers were. My nephew just left for Utah last night to get ready to enter the MTC (Missionary Training Center). It is crazy to me that I have a nephew going on a mission...and scares me because I know it will be my boys who are all grown up and leaving me before I know it. I hope that I can love them enough and teach them enough before that day comes...


blogging for dummies

I wonder if there is a "Blogging for Dummies" book? Now that I'm here in cyberspace I feel a bit inadequate and unsure of what to say. If there were such a book, it would come in handy for me right now. I guess I shouldn't worry so much...the whole reason I wanted to start this blog was because I wanted an easy way to keep a journal, more or less. Of course it could evolve into something more than a journal, but for now that's what I intend it to be. I want a place to talk about all the funny and crazy things that happen in my life - as well as the crappy things. I guess I should pay tribute to my friend Jennifer B. who led me to this whole thing. So, thanks Jen!! :) Just got the boys down for a nap, and have a million things to do! So, more later!