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Wow...came across something I needed to hear and want to share!  If you are a parent (or a teacher!) this is GREAT advice and a good reminder...

From the blog Family Volley

Taking Our Stress Out On Our Kids?

As mothers, it seems we are constantly trying to juggle a million responsibilities. With these responsibilities comes stress, a lot of stress. 
Enter children, and before we know it, we are taking all our stress out on them. Isn't it interesting, we often treat strangers and coworkers better than our own family. 

Take a few minutes to figure out what is causing the stress. Are we tired, overwhelmed, money trouble, marriage stress or work stress? Maybe we have just had a long day. Regardless, Stress is going to happen, and we should do all we can to avoid taking it out on our children. They don't understand what we are dealing with and it is not their fault.

On top of that, dumping our stress on our children is not the answer either. We don't need to tell them all our woes. They can't fix it, they don't understand it, and at their age, they don't need to be stressed and worried about grown up problems.

So.. What can we do?

Focus on our children - Don't Multitask
When we have a lot to do, and a lot on our minds, it is easy to think that multitasking is the answer. When we are trying to make dinner, help kids with homework, fold laundry, AND listen to our 5 year old talk about their day, everything else will be more important than what happened at recess. We take our frustrations and stress out on our children because they are making it hard for us to get EVERYTHING ELSE done. The laundry can wait, and so can dinner. Sit down with your child. Give them your undivided attention and focus on their words and their facial expressions. Not only will it bring you closer, but we won't see them as a stress, we will see them as the children we love more than anything. Remember LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.

Establish a routine
We need to put our families and children on a routine. With a routine, we will know what to expect and so will our children. This will eliminate a lot of stress that comes from the unknown and from struggles with bed time and meal time. Our children will be better behaved when things are predictable. This mean less stress triggers for us as mothers.

Minimize the stuff in our homes. When we have more than we can maintain, even if it is just too many clothes, everything becomes overwhelming and stressful. We will quickly take our stress out on our children. Work to make the spaces in our lives manageable. Give away, throw out, and get rid of. The clutter in our homes and cars becomes overwhelming and makes the other stresses seem even worse. 

Don't Over Schedule
We shouldn't over schedule ourselves or our children. To many things on our family plates will always bring stress. Our kids don't need to be involved in a million extra curricular activities, and we don't have to say yes to every play date and activity. We need to PROTECT our families time. This protection will bring peace and time together. Plus there will be less rushing. Rushing compounds stress.

Have Realistic Expectations
We don't have to be super women. And, we SHOULD NOT COMPARE OURSELVES TO OTHER MOMS. We need to be realistic about what we can tackle and undertake. When we start comparing we tend to see everyone else's strengths and our weaknesses. It is never a fair comparison. We should surround ourselves with people and things that are supportive and uplifting. Not things that make us feel inadequate.

Put Ourselves in our Children's Shoes 
As mothers, we need to take a minute to see things from our children's perspectives. Have empathy. Realize they don't mean to upset us. They are young, learning, and inquisitive. They don't know rush, hurry, or quick. If we can take just a second and see things from their eyes, we will not be so quick to take our frustrations out on them. 

See our Children as People
When we are stressed, it is easy to see our children as objects. Objects that are keeping us from what we are trying to do. We are trying to make dinner, or answer the phone, or fold the laundry and their need for help or attention is getting in the way. We need to see them as people. Little people. They have thoughts and hopes and dreams and good days and bad days just like us. It is the laundry that is actually getting in the way of us being with our kids, Right?

Manage our Time
Clique, I know, but vital. Time management is so important to our lives. We do need to stay organized and manage our responsibilities and the time it takes to get things done. 

Plan Ahead
This goes right along with managing our time. Being prepared and planning ahead will help eliminate a lot of our family stress. Make lunches for school the night before, lay out clothes the night before, even set the breakfast table before you go to bed each night. Round up backpacks and school work, shoes and socks before everyone goes to sleep. Make reasonable preparations to eliminate having to rush. Rushing brings stress, especially with children. 

Have a Sense of Humor
Laugh. When you are ready to loose your temper with your children because you are stressed, laugh first. Even if you have to force yourself. You will find it fixes a lot of things. 

Find Time For Yourself 
As mother's we are always taking care of other people. We forget to take care of ourselves. We should pick one or two things we would like to learn or get better at, hobbies or interest, and find time for them. Along with this, we need to eat right, exercise, even if it is just a walk around the block, and get enough sleep. When we are hungry and tired we loose our temper and take our frustrations out on our kids. 

Play together as a Family
We have to find time to recreate and relax together as a family. Life needs to be filled with work and play. When families play together they grow closer, develop stronger relationships, and have more patience for one another. Plus it is a needed diversion from the stress we deal with each day. Find time at least once a week to do something fun together (this doesn't mean it has to cost money).

Stress is part of life. Taking it out on our kids doesn't have to be. 



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birthday fun

My sweet boy is now officially 6-years-old! We celebrated with a family dinner out to the Rainforest Cafe. Luckily we got there early so it was quite empty...and we had the gorillas all to ourselves! Joshy could hardly wait to open his gifts, so as soon as we ordered, he went to town! He loved all of his gifts -- thank you to fun gifts from grandparents and also a surprise gift from his buddy (and our neighbor) James... I hope he wasn't too spoiled! He really wanted Sonic & the Black Knight game for the Wii, and we scored on a pre-owned copy for only $20!

Here are a few pics from yesterday:


six years ago...

...I was double-checking my hospital bag because the next morning I was going to the hospital to be induced.  Little did I know that the sweetest little blue-eyed, curly haired, charmer would be at the other end of all that!

Joshua Matej (pronounced ma-tay) Hanson was born at 6:53pm on May 17, 2005.  Thankfully he was a bit smaller than Jakob, weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz, and was as cute as can be.

We never knew it was possible for a little boy to have such a big personality (like Jakob's) until we met Joshy.  He is such a character...full of fire and definitely fits his zodiac sign of "taurus" - because he is like a little bull sometimes! 

He is very affectionate and tender, and if you know anything about the "5 Love Languages" he is definitely a physical touch kind of kid.  A hug and a snuggle will always help him feel better.  

He can be a bit of a ham sometimes...but can also be incredibly shy other times!  He is a total goofball, and to prove it I'll give you an example.  While playing baseball this season, I caught him dancing in the outfield numerous times...SPANKING himself, and laughing!  While that may be slightly inappropriate, it was quite funny and likes to make his friends laugh.

Even though he hates his curls, I think that his hair (along with his big blue eyes) is his best physical feature...and I am always telling him that someday, girls will think he is so handsome because of his awesome curly hair!  He doesn't care right now though and is asking me to cut it all off on a daily basis.

He is almost a kindergarten graduate (only 5 more weeks!) and is so clever and smart.  Even though I selfishly wish he would stay little forever, I am excited to see the man he will become.  

Watch out girls!  He's gonna break a few hearts...I'm sure of it!

image © Natalie Norton

Happy Birthday Joshy!

We love you!


Zig Zag Sewing

Last night I went to a really fun sewing class/party at my friend Kim's house. It was taught by Zig Zag Sewing, and even though I'm a total novice seamstress, I came home with this adorable bag:

click to enlarge

I'm feeling ambitious and want to try to make another one, on my own! It was a really fun learning experience and if you are interested in learning more about sewing and making a cute project, this is a great way to do it!

Check out their BLOG and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on their current projects and parties!


is this normal?

Do your kids drink salt?  

Do they use a pound of butter for one piece of toast?  

Please tell me this is normal.  

I'm beginning to worry about my kids and their strange eating habits.