happy nine years!!

Today I woke up to a rainy morning...just like I did 9 years ago...but the rain didn't dampen my spirit at all, because it was the happiest day of my life! I remember having nervous/excited butterflies fluttering around in my stomach as we drove (holding hands) all the way to the LA Temple to be married and sealed together for eternity. And just like I felt that day, yes, I will love you, for.like.EVER!

credit where credit is due:
photographs: Natalie Norton
"I Love Us": Kantan Designs
"We Are So Good Together": reform school
"For Like Ever":Village


christmas morning

We enjoyed our Christmas morning by the fire...ha ha!  Love that "on demand" Yule Log!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...I can't believe it's already over!  Bring on 2011!!!! 


Queen Califia

About 2 years ago I read something in Disney's Family Fun magazine about Queen Califia's Magic Circle Garden in Escondido, CA. Ever since I saw pictures of it and read about how it was made, I wanted to go! So, while we were staying down in San Clemente over the week of Thanksgiving, we finally went!  It is an amazing piece of art, all mosaic and just beautiful! Fun for the kids to run around and lots of little nooks and crannies for them to crawl through. One of the highlights of the day had nothing to do with the structure...it was a HUGE grashopper! After we explored for a while, we went over to the park to have a picnic. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone, and here are a bunch of pictures for you to see how cool it was!  p.s. it's FREE!

a tree with heart shaped leaves!!!


ven vill you vear vigs?

If you are lucky enough to have seen the easter egg on Lord of the Rings -- the one where Dom poses as a german reporter and interviews Elija Woods, then you know what "Ven vill you vear vigs" means!

If not, then you have an assignment to find it, watch it and laugh until you cry/pee your pants!

I just uploaded pics from our point and shoot and came across these 2 gems...

Here's what a Hanson little girl would look like:

Yeah, that's my cleopatra wig from halloween.  Too bad I never got a pick of Drew in it!  And don't you just love that the dude on the TV is getting punched?  HA!  And Joshy's dirty face and jersey!  Yeah, if we ever have a girl, she'll probably be 100% tomboy.  :)


rawrrrr, rawrrr, rawrrr!


No one else can rock a pair of BluBlockers like my Drewbie!


bunny ears and brotherly love

We had our annual Ward Christmas Party last night and the boys always look forward to seeing Santa. Here are a few silly pictures...these boys crack me up!


Wuv, twoo wuv...

I live with a man who, when sleeping, prefers the temperature to be SUB-ZERO.

So, our fan is generally on every night, keeping him cool and comfortable.


If the fan is pointed even slightly in my direction, I.can.not.sleep!

It blows my hair...and when little hairs are tickling my face/nose, it DRIVES ME BATTY!

So...now that it is FRIGID outside at night (yes, I know I live in Southern California, and many of you out there would never use the word FRIGID to describe temps here...but to me, IT IS FRIGID!) sometimes the fan stays off at night.

As we climbed into bed last night, I was straightening out our sheet and blanket trying to get more of the blanket back onto my side, and said, "You're a blanket stealer!"

To which he countered, "You're a sheet stealer!" (this deserves a post on it's own...another time)

Then I said, "Why do you even want the blanket? You WANT to be cold!!! What ever happened to caring about MY needs before your own?" (i said this playfully, just so you know...)

Then he said, "I do care. That's why the fan is staying off tonight. That's TRUE LOVE, baby!"

And it is. True love at it's finest!


say YES

Starting today I say YES to:

exercise again.

drinking MORE water.

Drew the 1st time he asks for something instead of "just a minute, I'm busy!"

loving myself more.

Joshy when he asks if he can put up MORE Christmas decorations.

Brad when he asks if we can "go upstairs..." tee-hee!

Jakob when he asks to go ride his bike at Central Park.

eating healthier!

my TO DO list...one item at a time.

catching up on editing photos.

writing our 2010 Christmas letter.

actually SENDING out our 2010 Christmas letter!

keeping the kitchen clean.

planning and preparing dinners every night.

to no more fast food and soda.

letting go of regrets and look forward with faith and hope.

being happy and smiling more.

What will you say YES to today/this week/this month?

(this post was inspired by THIS ONE)


3 going on 16

I wish I had caught Drew behind the wheel when he was 2...but I didn't remember to do this until he was already about to turn 3.  Oh well... the pics are still cute as can be, and I love that I have similar pics of all 3 of my boys "driving" the car! 

 Drewbie - 3 years old (2010)

 Jakob - 2 years old (2005)

Joshy - 2 years old (2007)

I know that in the blink of an eye they will morph into teenagers and will be begging to borrow the car.  Scary thought!!!!!!  But I honestly look forward to watching them learn and grow...I am constantly amazed at their capacity to learn and to love...they truly are miracles.  I am so blessed.