My boys...

These are just a few pictures I took yesterday...

Drew's crazy excited hands!

Joshy and his amazing talent of curling his tongue!

I guess Jakob felt the need to compete with Joshy for the best mad face!


The Story Of My Life Right Now

Yep. That's baby spit-up or "urp" as we sometimes call it. It's nasty, smelly, gooey stuff that makes it's way out of my baby's belly and squirts out of his mouth numerous times a day -- and usually, as in this case, ends up all over me. Isn't it lovely? He's ruining all of my clothes. Good thing most of them were bought on clearance at Old Navy. I refuse to spend a lot of money on my clothes until I no longer have anyone in diapers at my house. It's just not worth it!


4 Months this week!!!!!

I can't believe how fast this kid is growing up.
He's still such a sweet boy and such a good, easy-
going baby! I just love his cute smile! Don't you???


Sweet Child 'O Mine

I was going to try to get some cute pictures of Joshy and Drew together this morning, but unfortunately Josh wasn't a willing participant.

This is the mad face he makes while saying "This makes me SO mad!":

And here is the face that Drew was making while Joshy was being mad and uncooperative. He's probably wondering, "How does he scrunch up his nose like that?" That's what I was thinking too!

A lady from the ward stopped by yesterday to give me some information, and the entire time she was here, Joshy was giving her that mean look.

Another really funny thing he's doing lately is when he says things like, "...ALL BY MYSELF!" he kind of sways his head/body back and forth kind of like the way Axl Rose dances.


Twilight Cast!!!!!

I was checking out Stephenie Meyer's website and saw that they have cast the whole Cullen family! Check them out:

From left to right: Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper.

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Ashley Greene as Alice and Kellan Lutz as Emmett.

Additionally, Cam Cigandet has been cast as James, Rachelle Lefevre has been cast as Victoria, and Michael Welch has been cast as Mike Newton.

Check out this link to an interview that Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) did on MTV's Movie Blog.

Daily Gem

Living in a Such Way as to Make Life Good

"Life is good, if we live in such a way to make it so. A "good life" comes as a result of the way we do things, of the words we choose to say, and even of the kind of thoughts we choose to have...

'Wanting to' is the determining factor which leads us to lay hold upon the word of God and be happy. Perseverance in making correct decisions is what leads us to happiness."

Benjamín de Hoyos, "True Happiness: A Conscious Decision," Ensign, Nov. 2005, 31

I subscribe to LDS Daily Gems, and I love them! As a parent of young children I am constantly trying to learn how to be just that, a PARENT! This quote just totally hit home for me today, and made me feel like I have power over my life if I just make good decisions. But it also reminded me that even if I don't make the best decisions, I can rectify them through the Atonement. Knowing that makes me feel happy and hopeful that I can teach my children the same.


Am I fickle or what?

I guess I am just never satisfied...or I just like to play around on the computer too much...actually I think it's a little bit of both. I had fun with the header on this one...and I have resolved not to change anything on my blog layout for at least a week. Let's see if I can just leave it alone this time!

On another note totally unrelated to my obsession with changing my blog...my brother-in-law Matt and his fiancee, Sheri have been here visiting with us this weekend. She's great and we are so happy for them...they are getting married at the beginning of May. So...now there will be 2 Shari/Sheri's in our family -- good thing my kids know me as "mom!" They already have 2 aunt Heathers, 2 aunt Saras, and 2 uncle James's. How crazy is that? Now we are adding another Sheri into the mix -- not to mention that she is also from Texas just like me! If you'd like to see some cute pictures that my very talented sis-in-law Evaly took, check out her photo blog.

Congratulations Matt & Sheri!!


Jakob and Elea sittin' in a tree...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Jakob and his little crush Elea got in trouble
at school yesterday for kissing and hugging. Yes, that's
right, my 5-year-old was getting his mack on! As we
walked out to the car, he proceeded to tell me that
they were going to get married when he gets old enough.
I don't think I'm quite ready for my son to get married....
let alone for him to be making out in kindergarten!


New Template

Ok, so I know I'm a little crazy about changing the look on my blog quite FREQUENTLY, but I think I'm happy with this one.

At least for a few days.

Thanks, Jodi for the heads up on that blog with free templates!


FYI: Dirty Lemon Slices

I am one who almost ALWAYS asks for lemons when I eat out...this video has now made me change my mind about that!


Who Are All These People?????

Ok, so I totally stole the visitor thing off my friend Emily's blog...but it has been really fun to see the dots show up all over the world! One question though: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I mean, obviously I know some of them, but I am pretty sure I don't know anyone in South America or Canada...or in the midwest US. I guess I am just curious how these people found my blog and who the heck they are!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad they are visiting, but maybe they could leave a comment or two next time so I'd have a clue as to who is reading my blog. :) It's kind of cool knowing that there are mysterious people out there checking out my pictures and musings. Is that weird of me to think that's cool? It makes me feel special. HAHA! :)



I got a great deal on this seat off craigs list, $10 for the seat and a tray! Pretty sweet, right? So, now Drew is getting strong enough that he can sit in it for longer periods of time without getting mad that he can't hold up his head. I know it's a bit out of focus but that's because he wouldn't stop looking around! He loves having a new view of the world! I hope that sitting in this chair will help him learn to sit up a little bit sooner...we'll see. He's already trying to sit up -- TRYING -- and by that I mean when he's laying down, he lifts up his head and grunts like he wants to get up. It's pretty dang cute I must say! We love this little stud and are so happy he's in our family. Jakob and Joshy haven't gotten tired of him yet, and that also makes me really happy! They are great big brothers!

Batter up!

Today was Jakob's first tee-ball practice. Those boys are so cute out there! He was having fun learing some new skills, and I must give props to their coach - that man has some serious patience! Maybe it will rub off on me?? We'll see.

Jakob had a little bit of a hard time focusing and following directions, (what 5-year-old boy wouldn't) but for his first practice he did quite well. Now Brad and I just need to spend some time practicing with him at home so he will become more comfortable and confident in what he's doing.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but yes, that is a feather sticking out of his hat. He found two feathers and stuck them in. I don't know what happened to the other one. I'm pretty sure he was the only kid out there with a feather stuck in his hat. Gotta love Jakob!


Check it out!!!! IHOP is offering a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes to each guest this Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 in honor of National Pancake Day!



There's a bluebird on my shoulder...

I have been having some problems with Jakob lately. He is very strong-willed (hmmm, wonder where he gets it from?) and just hasn't been behaving very well. It's very frustrating to me since I know he can behave, and has done so many times before.

Yesterday, my little brother James was hanging out with us and I was telling him a little about it. He gave me some really good advice...something that I really needed to hear. He told me that I need to be thanking God for this trial, and asking Him to help me grow and use it as a stepping stone to gain a closer relationship with Christ. Because yes, Jakob is my earthly son, but more importantly, his is a child of God. HELLO! Yes, this was from my LITTLE brother...he is so wise. I don't think he even realizes it sometimes.

So, I have resolved to work more on changing myself, instead of trying to force my little sweet 5-year-old to act the way I want him to. I hope it works!

One of the conditions we gave Jakob because of his behavior over the past few days was that every day after lunch, he needed to have some "quiet time." Now, if that turns into a nap, that's fine by me! So, right now he's laying on my bed singing "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" and it's just making me smile. I hope this "quiet time" thing helps him mellow out a little bit, as well as me!!


Another one...

I came across this poster for Twilight the movie...and I like it better than the other one I posted a while ago. I am anxiously awaiting the movie! And book #4! So, this is for all of you other Twilight fans out there!


Our Kindergartener

Jakob just started an extended kindergarten program at Eader this week. He's such a big boy!

This is his new cool Spiderman backpack. He's so proud of it!

It's so exciting to hear about all of the things he's learning. I'm so glad he's having so much fun and that he loves school!