so. much. fun!

my favorite picture from the weekend:

more to come soon!


can't wait for this weekend!!!!!

good food...

relaxing at the beach...
getting pampered a little bit...
and lots of fun chatting, sleeping, doing nothing, watching movies...



From Elder Quentin L. Cook:

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Sometimes things happen that just seem to flip your whole perspective on life. Earlier this week I learned that a friend is very ill -- and honestly haven't stopped thinking about it. Not in a crazy obsessed way, but it has sent my mind down paths that I haven't gone down in a while.

I have tried to imagine what it would be like if it were my family going through this experience. I can't. I know I can't understand it, but I know that our Savior can. Knowing that helps bring peace to my heart, and I hope brings peace to their family.

I know the power of prayer, and I know that with faith and diligence in doing what is right, we will be blessed with the strength needed to withstand and endure these struggles.

Dear friend, if you are reading this, please know how much we truly love you and your family and how much we hope and pray for you to feel His arms encircle you during this battle.

To all of you other friends and family members reading this, I would like to ask you to just take a few minutes to reflect on your lives and evaluate your priorities. Share your affection for your spouse and children more freely and abundantly, don't be afraid to dream and work hard to achieve your goals, live up to your fullest potential. Snuggle a little longer with your little ones, observe the details of their faces, the way they laugh, speak, sing. Be kinder and more patient with your spouse -- and remember, you're not perfect either!!!

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day. I am participating in my first ever Triathlon (sprint length) tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


fun find!

So in all of my blog browsing/stalking I came across this new company called Paper Culture and absolutely love all of their designs! And right now they are offering 25% off all orders purchased during their preview period. Check out some of the cuteness for yourself!

Adorable, right????? What do you think?



For those of you who are interested in my photography business, check this out. :) Thanks!


Bunco Babes

My Bunco group rarely takes group pictures (don't know why...) but this week we had a baby shower for my friend Jaclyn (in the black and white shirt in the middle...see her baby's pictures here) and I wanted her to have at least one group picture from that night! I think it turned out pretty cute... I love all of those girls! Then after we ate and visited for a while, we played 1 round of bunco -- hey, we have to keep it official and actually play, right? How else would we know who wins the prizes???

Front, left to right: Me, Vanessa Parker, Heidi and Kamaile Vea
Back, left to right : Michelle Holbrook, Alisa Ziebarth, Kim Harvey, Edie Crabtree, Jaclyn Homan, Erica Wilker, Kristie Kerr & Barbara Tarayao.

The only one who was missing is JODI!!! Sorry girl! We need to do another group photo next time...


ahhhh....Teachers :)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and at Jakob's school the kids were asked to do something special for their teacher each day this week. Yesterday he brought her a rose, today he gave her a drawing of one of his inventions, and so on. Well today I was browsing crafty blogs looking for something that might be FREE and CUTE that I can give her to say thank you for all of her hard work...that's when I came across these beauties! Now I just need some cardstock and I'm all set!

I love that it is it's own envelope...so clever! Click on the picture to go to the blog where you can download your own and print from home!


enthusiasm = joshy

The fortune says, "Approach all areas of life with bold enthusiasm."

There couldn't be a more appropriate fortune for Joshy.


my bro: Johnny Juanny

I can hardly believe that my youngest brother just graduated from BYU. WHAT? Am I that OLD? Weird. Anyway, my mom pulled some strings with some airmiles and flew me and Drew up for a few days to celebrate the occasion - THANKS MOM! It was so nice to see family again...and we even got to see Hansons too! It was a great trip.

Congrats to John...all your hard work and boring internships in NYC paid off...now all you have to do is find a job -- preferably here in CA! We'd love to have you nearby!

So if any of you out there know of any job openings, let me know! He has a degree in Communications/Advertising.

Oh, and ladies, HE'S SINGLE! :)