trimming the tree

Last night, for Family Home Evening (aka "Hamily Fone Evening"), we decorated our Christmas tree.

Joshy was cracking us up as he commented on each ornament, "Oh, this brings back memories from so long ago..." in a dreamy voice. Love that kid!

Our cheap-o artificial tree looks MUCH better all dressed up...even if it isn't very organized...I love how it looks knowing that the boys pretty much did it all by themselves, and TOGETHER! :)

Here are a few cute pics from the night...

Since we are heading up to Utah for Christmas this year, I am not going all out with the decorations...to Joshy's dismay. He is the one who cares (and gets the most excited) about the decorations the most! He reminds me so much of how I was when I was little... Jakob and Drew get excited too, don't get me wrong, but Joshy seems to be SUPER into all the holiday decorating...it's fun!


2 months young

Aleks is 2 months old...here's a quick update on him as well as some pics to show you just how adorable he is :)

25.4 inches long; 15 lbs, 11 oz

Sleeps REALLY well! we've been putting him down between 8 and 9, and I end up waking up between 2 & 3 totally engorged, so I have to wake him up to feed him... then he goes back to sleep until about 6:30 or 7...

Generally happy and easy-going. His DR said she wished all of her patients were like him... :) He is a really mellow kid!

His hair seems to be getting lighter...who knows, we may end up with another blondie!

His eyes are definitely blue...and so pretty!

He has a dimple in each cheek...and he loves to give us lots of smiles!

Here he is...see for yourself how handsome he is!


automatic sprinkler

here he is...my little "automatic sprinkler" (ha ha...all you moms of boys know what i mean!) fresh from the bath (which he LOVES) and looking so cute! it was at night...so crappy lighting...high ISO...lots of grain...it called for a black and white edit. :) hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. and OOOH those cute little baby toes...i can hardly stand it!


drewbie-drewbie-drew turns 4 + halloween

It is hard to believe that this little sweetie is now a 4-yr-old! How did that happen?

Drew is such a sweet boy...he loves his big brothers and wants to do everything they do! He is so gentle with Aleks and fascinated with him...and still, almost daily, asks to see his belly button. :) He is a fantastic big bro. (and yes, he likes to use the word "bro" these days...)

Lately we've been playing Mario Kart together, and I must say, he is pretty good! I need to brush up on my skills!

Here are a few pictures from his birthday...we had family come over for dinner and cake and ice cream. He really wanted candy corns on his cake...so, I tried to be creative!

big brothers are great for helping you blow out the candles :)

Drew LOVES his new camera!  maybe we have another photog in the family???

he loves this new swimshirt and swimsuit - he slept in it that night and wore it for 2 days!   
he's a big BRO now :)

Halloween was fun...I am ashamed to say that we never even carved jack-o-lanterns!  BUT, I did put up decorations at home, and all the kids had a costume to wear...I even had a costume to wear!  So, we'll call it good!!! 

Pumpkin Patch
our little sweet pea!

Ash Ketchum - from Pokemon

Drewbie-Drew -- I mean Scooby Doo

i wish i had a better pic of my hair - i had a bump-it in and it looked awesome!

who let the dogs out???

Shadow the Hedgehog

Uncle Todd and baby Aleks


My little trunk-or-treaters!   



I could have (and probably should have) posted this (and mailed these out) about a month ago... HOWEVER... #1- I wasn't 100% happy with the few images I took when I attempted a photoshoot with my little one... #2- I just plain forgot about it... #3- He's completely covered with baby acne now (face/head) and I don't want to wait any longer to try another photoshoot to get this announcement finished... So...without further delay...

Some of you lucky readers will actually receive a physical copy in the mail one of these days... :)

and P.S. he looks SO different now! He will be SIX weeks old on Thursday!