I know you're all dying to know...

"You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes."  

~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Here's to Hanson Baby Boy #4!


mmm, mmmmmm, and MMMMMMM!

Three of my favorite ingredients all in one delicious bar????  
It must be a tasty dream come true.
Check out these Pecan, Coconut and Lemon Bars: 

image via Technicolor Kitchen

Yes, please!  Click HERE for the recipe.


A Sensitive Soul

Last night when I picked up Jakob from Cub Scouts, he told me that while cleaning up trash around the church/parking lot they found a "hobo's home."

Now, I don't know about you, but I personally haven't heard the word "hobo" in a while.  So I asked him, "Do you know what 'hobo' means?"

He said, "It's another name for a homeless person. And mom, there was only 1 jar of peanut butter there!"

So I asked him how that made him feel, to see that little area where a homeless person was living, and to see that all they had to eat was peanut butter.  

His response was nothing short of what I have always seen from Jakob.  Choked up with tears in his eyes he said, "It made me really sad to think about someone suffering and alone with no food to eat."

So of course (even when not pregnant I am an easy crier) I start to tear up as well, because it saddens me to my core to think of those who are alone and homeless...but also because it made my heart swell to see such a sweet, sensitive side of my son.  Every time he shows that to me, it makes me so proud to be his mom.  He truly has a heart of pure gold.

We continued talking about how seeing something like that should remind us to be really grateful for all of our blessings...a warm home and food to eat and a family who loves us.

Then he asked me if we could be the hobo's "secret friends" and bring some kind of food or blankets or something each Sunday and leave it there for them.  I told him that we could definitely do that, and that I think that would make that person very happy.

Moments like that give me a glimpse of what kind of man my son will grow up to be.  What kind of husband and father he will be. 

And it makes me unspeakably happy.



Tax Day is NOT April 15th this year...just in case you hadn't heard...and to my (and Brad's) chagrin.

You have until Monday, April 18th to file your taxes.  Click HERE to find out why.


you know it's nearing the end of tax season when...

it's 7:30p and your kids (who are normally in bed at this time) are JUST sitting down to eat dinner...

you're sitting at the computer browsing facebook (instead of getting kids into bed) and THIS monkey business starts happening (and instead of stopping them and getting them upstairs into bed, you pull out your camera)...

a fun new game: let's make a bridge!

try to break the bridge!

let's use the skateboard as a bridge!

hmmm...it's not quite long enough!  don't worry Drew, we will hold it for you! we promise it's SAFE!

he thought about it for a minute, and then thankfully decided against it.

so, joshy decided it was his turn to be a bridge

and Drew's turn to break the bridge!

if you can't be a bridge, climb the outside of the staircase, it's totally safe. (notice jakob contemplating using the skateboard on the stairs...GENIUSES!)

fell off the stair railing - got an owie - the ONLY one of the night - miraculously!

joshy and drew playing "kitty" -- more like KILLER kitty...

still playing kitty while Jakob sets up his next scheme

skateboard...bridge...same thing.  right?

and the reason i say you know it's nearing the end of tax season when things like this happen, because i am just too tired to care about schedules right now.  eventually I will get up and go put them to bed and all will be peaceful! 

good morning


it's already happening

When I look down, this is what I see.  
A combination of belly fat + baby = losing sight of my feet.  
At 15 weeks?  I guess with #4 that's normal?