I want to win this bag!

I have been following a fun blog for a while now...and now she's doing giveaways!

I didn't win this cute cart caddy:

...but luckily she posted a tutorial for it...so maybe I'll make one for myself!!!

The CURRENT GIVEAWY is for a cute tote/bag...this is the one I want:

Cute, right? Worthy of it's own blog post to win me another entry into the contest, right? RIGHT!

Check out Blue Cricket Designs for more fun stuff! Click HERE or scroll down for the button on my sidebar. Enjoy!


this made me smile...

i had completely forgotten that i took some pics at the fair this year...until i stumbled upon this in a file i had labeled "utah trip" -- typical me.

i love the toothless grins of jakob and mckell...i love joshy's squinty eyes and carter in a daze.

i love how just seeing a picture, as random as it might seem, brings back a memory, and with it, the emotions of that moment. i guess that's one reason why i love photography so much. because i have a really crappy memory...and pictures help me not to forget things. :)


Dancey Dance Time!!! The Razzle Dazzle Dance

This is hands down, the FUNNIEST Dancey Dance we've ever seen on Yo Gabba Gabba! While we were in Utah we watched it and had to rewind and watch it over and over...Thanks Leslie for a good laugh!!!!!! Check her out HERE, she is a TRIP! (don't forget to pause my playlist first...and click on the HD button at the bottom of the YouTube screen for better viewing!!!) ENJOY:

I have a ton of pics to go through from our trip, as well as 4 photo sessions to edit...so hopefully sometime next week I will have some slideshows of our fun trip to Utah! It was so good to see family again...we miss everyone already!