The BIG 3-0!!!

Today was my sweetie pie's birthday. Yep, 30 years ago he came into this world kicking and screaming! We had a fun party tonight...but I am so tired. I'll post some pics tomorrow!

Love ya babe! (ha ha, I'm STILL 29 for TWO more weeks! :) hee, hee)


My Bad

So, you know the phrase, "my bad?" The one you say when you make a mistake? Well, lately Joshy has been trying to say it...and using it in the right context, but saying "I'm bad" instead of "my bad." It's pretty hilarious.

So, I have corrected him a few times and now he's finally getting it right. This morning, we could hear him through the baby monitor (he was in the baby's room) and so Brad got up and told him he needed to get out of the baby's room. The next thing we hear is, "Ok. Oops! My bad!" It just makes me laugh. What 2 (almost 3) year olds say that??

Gotta love those funny things they say!


Our Spring Break

With Jakob out of school this week, he had PLENTY of time to spend with his transformers...and thus requested some photos of them. So, here ya go. We have a stained glass window next to our front door that was casting some cool light on the stairs where he set them up...so it kind of illuminated them!

We had a fun week. We spent a fun afternoon at the park on Tuesday with a ton of friends from FV3, and I actually got a bit of a sunburn on my chest! I know I shouldn't be happy about my skin being damaged by the sun, but hey, a little bit of color is a good thing!!! :) On Wednesday we took a little trip over to Centennial Farm, at the fair grounds. I love going there this time of year because they have all the cute new baby animals to see. In addition to the cute animals were tons of gorgeous flowers everywhere! I was loving it!!! (hence the new blog header!) On Thursday we went up to the Aquarium of the Pacific with our friends, Vanessa, Sam and Henry. This was my first trip up there with all three boys, and for the most part, it wasn't too bad! Joshy tried to climb in to the water a few times, and got pecked by a lorakeet, but we all survived. Unfortunately I forgot to charge the battery for my camera, so I only got a few shots. Bummer. Today I took the boys to "The Snake Store" (aka "Prehistoric Pets") and of course they were in hog heaven. (Sorry, no pictures.) Then we went to Yong's to get a yummy donut. (Corner of Magnolia/Talbert by Ms. Fitness, and behind the carwash for those of you not fortunate enough to have tried Yong's yet!)

All in all, it was a fun week, but that said, I am ready to get back to our normal schedule again. I know Jakob misses school and has totally been teaching himself how to read this week. His teacher is going to be like, "WHO are you?" when he gets back!!! It's so fun to see him learning and seeing it "click" in his brain. I love it!

Oh, and I know...I KNOW...there are no pics of Drew this week. Sorry. We'll get some soon...and I still have yet to dress them up again in their cute Easter ties. (Maybe sunday before church?) We'll see.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break, and if you weren't on Spring Break, I hope you had a wonderful week!!!



About 15 minutes ago we felt an earthquake! To be honest, I kind of freaked out! I was sitting here on the computer typing and email, and Brad was out watching TV. I jumped up and was like, "Braaaaad?!?!" He just goes, "It was an earthquake." (As if I didn't know that!) Then he went upstairs to check on the kiddos. As he's doing that I have thoughts running through my head like, "We don't have enough food storage! We don't have a plan! etc. etc. etc." You know, your basic panic-type thoughts. So, I did a little search on google for Southern California earthquakes to try to find out where this earthquake occured. Here's a link for the info I found: http://www.data.scec.org/recenteqs/Quakes/ci14358316.html

The last earthquake I remember feeling was when I was staying at my grandparents' condo in San Clemente back in the summer of 1992. It was late afternoon/early evening and I was taking a nap. I remember feeling the bed moving and woke up and was totally disoriented and then realized what was happening. I kind of freaked out then too! That earthquake actually scared me...mainly because it was the first one I'd ever felt, and because I was only 14 years old.

It's funny that this happened tonight because Jakob has been asking me lately what it feels like to be in an earthquake...and he was asleep so he didn't get to feel it!! He'll be so bummed when I tell him about it tomorrow morning.

Well, I don't know if any of you (who live here in socal) felt it, but if you did, what was your reaction?


Happy Easter

Coloring Eggs...

...eating chocolate...

...shaking eggs...

...playing with new toys...

...and looking cute...

It was a fun Easter, but I wish I had a pic of all three boys together in their matching ties...maybe I'll have to dress them up again and take some pics at home... We'll see...!


Jakob's Award

In Jakob's class at school, they earn blue tickets when their teacher catches them displaying good citizenship and good behavior. Once they earn 10 tickets, they are given an award at the Friday Assembly in front of the entire school.

We are so proud of you Jakob!


Spring Blossoms

My neighbor has a tree that is covered in pink blossoms right now, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Along with it's beauty, are lots and lots of bees! My kids are a bit afraid to play outside sometimes because there are so many bees. All you have to do is stand underneath the tree and you can hear a loud hum from all the bees!

Here's a pretty good close-up of a bee collecting pollen.

Beautiful pink blossoms! (Not sure what kind of tree it is, sorry!)

Very fragile looking, and even still has a lot of buds, so I'm guessing it will stay in bloom for a bit longer.

This is a view up at the sky standing under the tree. I thought the colors looked so beautiful and "spring-timey" -- I love this time of year!

When I was done taking all of those pictures of the tree/flowers, I noticed this on the patio. Isn't it cute when your kids get excited about "CTR?" I love it!!!!


Free Blog Layouts - SUPER CUTE!

Check out this chick's free blog layouts...they are way cute and did I mention FREE???


FYI Twilight Fans

There is an official website for the movie! It is still in the beginning phase, but still awesome!
And, for those of you who might not be sold on the guy playing Edward (Robert Pattinson), here are a few pics of him where I think he looks like a great Edward:


Sneaky Leprechaun

Yesterday while we were at Jakob's baseball game, a sneaky little leprechaun came and left a note on a shamrock on our front door...it was a cute little poem telling us he had brought a treat and where to dig for the gold. So, Jakob and Joshy were very excited and ran to the backyard. Jakob looked all around but Joshy immediately spotted the little footprints in our sandbox. There was also a small shamrock that said "Dig here!" Jakob grabbed it and sounded out "dig" all on his own! Then when he realized what he had read, he frantically started digging in the sand. They were both very excited to get "chocolate gold" from our sneaky leprechaun!

It all happened so fast that I didn't even have a chance to grab the camera...however, earlier in the day I took a few of Drew in his cute green shirt.

I feel so lucky (aka "blessed") to have these three crazy but sweet boys as my sons. I am also extremely blessed to have such an awesome husband who is my best friend and who is someone I know I can always depend on. I love all my boys!!!!!!!!


Jakob's First Game

*Disclaimer: As Angels fans, we feel a bit funny cheering for the Yankees...but we have to support our son's team, right?? Maybe next year he'll get to be on the Angels...we'll see!!!

This afternoon we went to Jakob's first t-ball game. This was our conversation on the way to the baseball field:

Jakob: "Mom, I'm pretty nervous. I don't know if I can do it."

Me: "That's OK Jakob. Sometimes when you are doing something for the first time, it makes you nervous. I bet lots of the other boys are nervous too."

Jakob: "Mom, what does 'nervous' mean?"

Me (chuckling): "Sometimes it means that your tummy feels funny, or that you feel worried about something." (chuckling because he had just said he felt nervous, and was now asking me what nervous means!"

Jakob: "Yeah, my tummy does feel kind of funny. I'm scared. The field is gonna be SO big!"

Me: "Well, your coaches will help you to know what to do. You just need to try to do your best and have fun!"

Jakob: "OK, but what if I mess up?"

Me: "Everybody messes up sometimes. Just have fun and keep trying to get better. Do you want to say a prayer before you get out of the car?"

Jakob: "Yeah. Good idea Mom!" (with a big grin and look of relief on his face)

Me: "OK, I think that will really help you to feel better."

So, when we parked the car, we said a quick prayer before we got out, and he seemed to start to feel better, and more excited to be there. He did a great job (had fun playing in the dirt a couple of times...) and even fielded one of the balls! He got to bat 3 times and had fun doing that too. Here are a few pictures of him at bat. (Yep, he's a lefty!)

Great game Jakob!!! We love you and are proud of you! We know this is just the beginning of years of watching you play!


Stuff About Me

I've been tagged...

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

March 1998 - I was living at home in Houston with my parents, going to community college, and working on the ramp at IAH for Continental Airlines.

2. Five things on my to-do list today:

a. Make breakfast (done!)
b. Bathe the boys (done!)
c. Take a shower & get ready for church (not done yet!)
d. Print out sign-ups for the RS binder (done!)
e. Plan out some cute St. Patty's day activities for my kiddos! (not done yet!)

3. What snacks do I enjoy?

Any kind of cheese, fresh fruit, Pirate Booty (like popcorn), granola bars, graham crackers and milk, and anything involving any kind of chocolate!

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?

a. Pay off all of our debt.
b. Buy a house & have fun decorating!
c. Set aside a chunk for each kid for college/mission
d. Buy a new car - like a new Tahoe Hybrid!
e. Set aside a HUGE chunk for our retirement
f. Go to culinary school (not because I want to be a chef, I just want to know how to do all that stuff!!!)
g. Take my kids on a Disney cruise (this would be as much for them as it would be for me!)
h. Go on some kind of romantic get away with my hubby
i. Donate to some good causes
j. Invest and Save

5. Three bad habits:

a. Procrastinating
b. Not timing things very well when planning out days/weeks/etc.
c. Being lazy and not wanting to clean my house

6. Five Places Where I lived:

a. Saudi Arabia
b. Arizona
c. Texas
d. Utah
e. California

7. Five jobs I have had:

a. Birthday Party Hostes (SO FUN!)
b. ramp and res agent for an airline
c. flower shop clerk
d. public opinion poll interviewer
e. babysitter

8. Five things people don't know about me:

a. I played rugby at the U of U for 2 years
b. I have bungee jumped 3 times
c. I love watching cheesy disney channel movies
d. I love the Beastie Boys
e. I seriously want to learn how to surf

Tag you're it! --- Jessie, Sara, & Carrie


Thanks Alex!

Ok, so my awesome friend Alex did some research and found the infamous quote that has caused so much trouble (at least for me!) and who to attribute it to. The one I had posted was kind of a paraphrased version of this one...but pretty much the same message. So, here ya go, with proper documentation and everything!

"You, the youth of the church today, were generals in the war of Heaven.

Someday when you are back in the Spirit World, you will be enthralled by other souls who will be from many other interesting time periods and who lived during the time of many great prophets.

You may ask one person, "When did you live?" and hear something like, "I was with Moses when he parted the Red Sea," or "I helped build one of the great pyramids," or "I fought with Captain Moroni."

And as you are standing there amazed at the people you are with, someone will ask you during which prophets' time you lived in; when you tell them that you lived during the time of President Kimball, President Benson, President Hunter, and President Hinckley, a hush will fall over every hall and corridor of Heaven and all in attendance will bow in your presence.

This is a very important stewardship we have been given. We were held back for 6000 years because we were the most righteous, most talented, most obedient servants of our Heavenly Father."

ARE WE STILL? -- quoted by Brad Wilcox, at Especially For Youth
An Early-Morning Seminary Teacher in Texas wrote (April 1999):

This quote is by Jack Marshall and is used by Brad Wilcox in his book "Tackling Teenage Troubles" on page 26 and 27. I called to confirm this just last week for our CES coordinator by calling the Church Office Building. It is being attributed to many of the Brethren but Jack Marshall is the one who made this statement. I was told by the secretary whom I spoke with that Jack Marshall is a popular youth speaker. I have a bio on him in the book "High Fives & High Hopes: Favorite Talks Especially for Youth". It states: Jack S. Marshall is an institute director in Pasadena, California. He is a popular speaker at youth programs and has published articles in the New Era, coauthored a book, and released two audio tapes of favorite talks. He and his wife, Liz, have five children. (This book was copyrighted in 1990).


Shooby dooby down to...


On Saturday night, we had a family "date" and went down to the pier for some dinner at Ruby's Diner. The kids get a kick out of walking on the pier, and who doesn't love Ruby's? It was a fun night together and I caught a picture of the sunset...and it just makes me love the place we live even more when I can get cool pictures like this.

Side note: Thanks to those of you who have left comments on my previous post. I'm glad I wasn't totally out of line! And for Jill: It was that quote about when we are in heaven we'll be asked what time we lived, and we'll answer "When Gordon B. Hinckley was prophet..." and they will be amazed, or something like that. I don't have it on my computer anymore, so I can't re-post the original quote.


Well excuuuuuuse me!

Ok, so at the moment I'm feeling a bit miffed. I mean, this is MY blog, I should be able to post whatever I want, right? Well apparently now I'm being told to remove things from my blog, by someone named "Anonymous."

Now, I know they have good intentions, because apparently the quote I posted about Pres. Hinckley is "Mormon folklore" or whatever, but I'm just annoyed that someone I don't even know is telling me to edit my blog.

So, Dear "Anonymous," you and "Heidi" (another person I don't know who felt it necessary to leave a comment on that same post) will be happy to know that I have removed it.

There, are ya happy?

I guess I am partly annoyed also because even though it may be "folklore" it is a quote that just makes you feel good. It's not like I put something on there that was evil or satanic. Sheesh. How was I supposed to know it wasn't real? And yes, if you couldn't tell, I am one of those people who has a hard time admitting when I'm wrong. But, I will, even though I don't like to.

I hope in the future if "Anonymous" decides to leave another comment on my blog that he/she will introduce himself/herself to me before commenting. Thanks.

FYI: The following is the comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Our Beloved Prophet, We'll Miss You":

The First Presidency sent a letter to all Stake Presidents and Bishops, which our Bishop read to us in Ward Council yesterday, STRONGLY repudiating that quote, and repeating that neither President Packer, nor President Monson, had ever said such a thing, and that it is not church doctrine. Priesthood leaders have been instructed to use "all means" available to make sure it is not taught or repeated.

Please remove it from your blog.

Posted by Anonymous to life is short, but sweet for certain at March 10, 2008 12:17 PM


The Mom Test

Some of you may have received this story by email at one time or another, (as I have) but it just makes me smile/laugh every time, so I thought I'd share.

The Mom Test

I was out walking with my 4 year old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away from her and I asked her not to do that.

"Why?" my daughter asked.

"Because it's been on the ground, you don't know where it's been, it's dirty, and probably has germs," I replied.
At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked, "Momma, how do you know all this stuff. You are so smart."

I was thinking quickly, "All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mom Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mom."

We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information.

"Oh...I get it!" she beamed, "So if you don't pass the test you have to be the dad."

''Exactly," I replied back with a big smile on my face.


Sweet Baby Drew

I took this picture this afternoon with him laying in my lap. He will seriously just smile and talk forever...it's so cute. I know this isn't a smiling picture, but I love it anyway! He's such a sweetie!

Good Grub

This morning while on a walk with a friend of mine, I told her that I've been wanting to start a recipe blog but just haven't gotten around to it, and hadn't really figured out how to have other people posting on it besides me. Well, I finally set up the blog, which I call "Good Grub" and put a few recipes on it (more to come later...) and now would like to ask any or all of you if you'd be interested in being a contributor? Let me know so I can add you on there, that way you'll be able to post your own recipes any time you want! (All I need is your email address to add you, so please email me at: sharibeth78@hotmail.com) Check it out and let me know what you think!


Thank You

Last week, a friend of mine (who I admire and aspire to be like - I hope you know who you are!) took the time to tell me that she remembers how hard it was with 3 little ones and that I'm doing a great job. I thanked her for saying so, but have been thinking about all of the "thank-yous" that have gone unsaid, so, this is a thank you to all of you out there who share words of encouragement and who notice the good things I'm doing and ignore the mistakes I make. Thank you for being my friends, family, confidants, shoulders to lean on, etc. I hope that I can at least do the same for all of you!

I especially want to thank my husband for everything he does. He works so hard, and is always willing to help me when I need it.
I love you babe!



(Jakob at 3 mos.) (Drew at 4 mos.)

I think we have cloned Jakob.