fun times with papa marc

I have so many pictures waiting to be blogged from our trip to Utah over Christmas break...  so I thought I'd start with just a few from one fun afternoon of sled rides with Papa Marc...  (don't the boys look like bobble heads with those helmets??  LOL)

my dad...he loves playing with his toys!

hanson bobsled team

remember that crazy wind storm that blew tons of trees down?  my parents lost quite a few!

i'm pretty sure poor jakob's bum was hanging off!  but they had a blast

More to come soon... we took a 2 week trip and really enjoyed every minute of it, so there's lots to share!




it seems like i am constantly coming in contact with POSITIVITY...and it feels really good. it helps combat my weak insecurities and reminds me to let go of fear and, BE MYSELF...because who I AM is really simply wonderful.

am i saying this to boast? no. i'm saying it because it's true. we are all wonderful. we are all unique and have something to offer...and i feel like i am on the edge of some really great changes in my life...

Source: google.com via Shari on Pinterest

i have been reading Natalie Norton's Blog for at least 3 years now, and will never stop, because she truly inspires me to BE BETTER. I like this recent post.

i am in an on-again/off-again relationship with Jasmine Star's Blog, can't really say anything i don't like about her, but i guess i just haven't felt a kinship with her like i do with Natalie. I digress... Jasmine posts some really awesome and uplifting stuff on her blog as well...and she really has a gift of storytelling... I like this recent post.

another awesome blog post i read this week was from Jodi over at MCP Actions Blog - yes, ANOTHER photography blog...but great for ANYONE! THESE IDEAS are really great, and resonated with me...

i come across great little quotes on pinterest all the time...i really love re-reading these...words really have power! not only do they get you thinking, they inspire a change in attitude... i love this one...remember it the next time you want to give up on something...

so in my quest to THRIVE and to LIVE FULLY, i crave creativity. i crave beauty. i crave happiness and contentment. don't we all? the thing that keeps holding me back is fear - like i said earlier.

but...i am going to let go and move forward.

that reminds me of Abilene's sweet words from The Help, "You is smart. You is kind. You is important."

yes, i am.

if you've read this far, YOU'RE AWESOME. :) you can be proud that you finished something...because if you're like me, most of the time i feel like this:

i'm curious...what/who inspires you to be better?