4-yr-old logic

joshy: Mom! Ghosts are melted skeltons!

me: Oh really? How do you know that?

joshy: Because skeltons are melted ghosts!!!!!!

who knew?


I vont to suck your blooood!

just found an old thumb drive in my purse...it had some funny pics on it! i thought this one was appropriate for this time of year!!! LOVE jakob's expression! he'd make one scary vampire!


a "don't cry; laugh" moment and why i want a shop vac

When we moved (end of September), I ended up staying up until 4 am cleaning our old place before we did the final walk-through. So, as you can imagine, I was exhausted the next day. (No, I did NOT get to sleep-in...I slept for 2 hrs and then was up getting Jakob ready for school...)

Anyway...so I was sitting at the computer checking emails/blogs/etc. and realized that Drew was being very quiet...and then realized he was in the kitchen. So I called to him..."Drewbie? What are you doing?" He came around the corner and I noticed he had some mysterious white stuff on his face... I admit, my first reaction was anger, I mean, seriously, that LAST thing I wanted to do was clean anything else...and then when he said HE was "cleaning" I got worried...what if that "white stuff" was some kind of detergent or something??? Then I peeked around the corner and saw a bag of flour on the floor and knew I had to grab my camera!

So...here is a quick documentary of that "funny" moment...how could I ever be mad at that adorable little face? I just love him so much and can't believe he'll be TWO next week!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy... (p.s. i'm hating blogger right now...so my pictures are small and the quality looks crappy but i don't care i am not re-doing this!!!!)

I think this is his version of a snow angel...only with flour...on my kitchen floor!!!!!!


LA Traffic: NOT COOL

Not only were the people behind me ticked off because of the traffic, but I went ahead and whipped out my camera to document the fun traffic while at a dead stop. But then didn't notice when the cars ahead of me started moving. SORRY people! :) It was a fun 2 hour drive home from a photo job. I am SO grateful that I don't have to commute to LA for work...and that Brad doesn't either!!! What a nightmare!


Did you see it??

Tuesday's sunset...it was gorgeous! I didn't catch it in time, but here's what it looked like as it started to fade...