I ♥ Mario Bros.

Check out this amazing violinist...(pause my playlist prior to watching...)

Now if you figure out a way to get that song out of your head, let me know!


little details...

during my san clemente getaway with my girlfriends, we walked up to del mar (the cutest little main street ever!) and browsed the 2nd hand shops and i enjoyed looking for fun little details that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. you know, the things you usually have to pass by because of the kiddos... well, here are a few snippits from that afternoon... wish i had loads of extra cash to indulge myself in fun shops like these!

And this sweet little babe tagged along too...she was such a good girl!

We also ate PEDRO'S and enjoyed Barbara's yummy quiches for breakfast...played JUST DANCE on the Wii and also laughed deliriously during THE NAME GAME (barbie and d.d. anyone??) It was a fun and much needed weekend away!

Thanks to my man for being so great when it comes to this kind of thing...he's such a stud!


"do you vear vigs?"

I had so much fun photographing anything and everything during our girls weekend in San Clemente (about 6 weeks ago!) but have yet to be able to blog about any of it...

This photograph makes me laugh...and also creeps me out a little bit. The wigs are rad, but mannequins freak me out a little bit...not my favorite things!

Anyway, it reminded me of an easter egg from Lord of the Rings...one that we frequently quote...so if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about! If not, then you must try to find it on your DVD!



There are givers and there are takers...and for a while now I have felt like a taker. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by givers...givers who don't expect anything in return. Whenever I need help, they are there for me. Ready to be leaned upon, confided in, vented to and even inconvenienced for ME.

To all of you givers out there (you know who you are) THANK YOU from the bottom of my little heart.


summer reading...

happily stumbled upon a reading list of chapter books for children ages 3-8...and can't wait to pick one to start reading to my boys...! (see the complete list HERE)

i have fond memories of reading many of the books listed...and to be honest am quite excited to rediscover Beverly Cleary...I am pretty sure I read all of her books.

And James and the Giant Peach??? LOVED that book...my 3rd grade teacher read it aloud to us every day after lunch. It was wonderful!

I read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in 4th grade...and I have a feeling this is right up Jakob's alley...so I'm leaning toward that one...

Any favorite chapter books from your childhood?

I also particularly loved The Westing Game -- SO COOL! I loved how all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. I want to re-read that one too!

If only I could lay around reading all day...that would be amazing! But, I have a family to take care of...so my reading time is limited... However, if I can help awaken and nurture a love of reading in my kids, then I will be one satisfied mama!

Here's to a summer full of happy reading!

 (image found here)



my nephew.

i just want to eat him up!