33 years ago...

Bradley - 6 months

Look at that sweet little boy!  Today is Brad's 33rd birthday.  He's busy meeting with tax clients all day, but tonight, we will actually be able to go celebrate on his ACTUAL birthday, and I'm so excited!  He deserves a night off!

Hard to believe that we are 33 (my birthday is in 2 weeks) and that we've been out of high school for 15 years...and we've been married for 10 years this December.  Time really flies!

Here's to another 33 wonderful and fun-filled years!!!!! 

Love you babe!


a bobcat and a jog-a-thon

Last night, Jakob was awarded his Bobcat patch!  He was so excited...and we are so proud of him and love that he is enjoying cub scouts so much! 

After all of the business was squared away, the boys were split up into teams of 3 and they had a competition to see who could wrap one of their team members the fastest, using ALL of their toilet paper.  Jakob's team won 3rd place and were awarded with Tootsie Pops.  :)

It was pretty funny to see how competitive they are over even just a silly game like this!  BOYS!

Today was the jog-a-thon at school for Jakob and Joshy.  It was actually quite warm out for a change (which is REALLY nice...) but I felt a little bad for the kids!  I'm proud of their awesome effort!  I am amazed the the amount of energy all of those kids have!

Jeremy, Kyle and Jakob

Joshy slapped my hand almost every time he passed me!

All done!  Look at those RED cheeks!


"it's happened once, it could happen again!"

Camille Roche/Courtesy Todd Bieber

Ok folks, this is truly a cool story!  Some dude found a roll of film in a park in NY and decided to have it developed and from there, tried to discover WHO it belonged to by making a YouTube video!  Read the whole story HERE.

In the story, it mentions being reminiscent of the french film, Amelie (which is a GREAT film by the way!) and I absolutely LOVE how Mr. Bieber ended his story...so GO READ IT!  It's short, but very fun!


make new friends, but keep the old...

...one is silver and the other gold!

Every Thursday and Friday, my friend Amanda and I swap kids.  On Thursday, Piper comes to play with us, and on Friday, Drew goes to play at Piper's.

They are so good together, and do the cutest things.  One of their favorite games is to hide/play under the kitchen table.  When they are under the table, they are "under water."  Watching them play under the table always makes me think of Dave Matthews Band, Under The Table And Dreaming...  I love kids' imaginations!

This week, I wasn't sure they would be able to play out on the patio or not because it's been cold and rainy on and off.  Well, it wasn't raining, so we loaded up the bubble machine with bubbles and they had a ball swatting at the bubbles with little sand toy shovels.  (luckily no one got hurt!)

Then I think they were getting a bit tired, and they both laid down on the benches of our kiddie picnic table.  They were so adorable I of course immediately grabbed the camera to snap a few pics.

I'm so grateful for all the good friends in my life...and am also so grateful for good friends in my kiddo's life!


each uniquely individual

Jakob - about 5 months
Joshua - about 5 months
Drew - 5 months
I can see how each one of my sons is uniquely individual just by looking at these photos of each of them around the same age.  Even as babies, they each had their own look, their own personality and their own special way of making me happy. 

Each time I've been pregnant, I've daydreamed about what the new baby will look like, act like, sound like, etc.  It's almost impossible for me to imagine because all around me are my real life children who are so different in looks and personality! 

Anyway, it's fun to think about and looking back at these photos has really made me miss having a little one to hold and snuggle.  It's a shame they grow up so fast...but also such an adventure and full of moments where they amaze me!


is it just me? or are there



my reality

1.  I yell at my kids too much.
2.  Listening to Justin Bieber makes me unnaturally happy.
3.  I always choose FUN over work.  (seen my house lately?)
4.  I love photography but struggle with insecurity about my work.
5.  Grocery shopping is right at the top of things I hate doing.
6.  I love spicy food.
7.  I mentioned this once before on this blog...but I still have a secret dream to own a car like the street racing cars on the movie The Fast & The Furious.  And yes, I want to race it.
8.  I snore when I'm pregnant.
9.  If I could go barefoot or wear flip-flops for the rest of my life, I would.
10. I truly believe that spiders are evil.  E-V-I-L!!!!!!!!!!! (like the fru-its of the de-vil!!! haha!)



here's baby hanson #4!

 (click to enlarge)

had a quick ultrasound today...and baby was wiggling all over the place!  it was so exhilliarating to finally see baby!  baby had his/her back to the camera the WHOLE time...so no face or even a cute profile shot!  but...we heard a strong heart beat...saw perfect spine...some sweet little fingers...and strong kicking legs!

but....we won't be able to find out gender until April...so, the wait continues!

dr. said that based on head measurement i am 13 weeks 6 days...but based on my dates, 13 weeks 2 days...just a few off.  he didn't change my due date though...but as you can see at the bottom of the ultrasound, it says EDD (estimated due date) 9/17/11.... i'm not getting my hopes up for an early baby though...i've NEVER had an early baby!

but so fun to see that cute little wiggly baby today!  can't wait for the next ultrasound at the end of April!


due date

I had my Prenatal Phone Interview this morning (much nicer than having to go and do it in person!) and so she told me my due date is Sept. 21st. 

In case you wanted to know the "official" date. 

There it is!


oooooh la la!

Ok, so I know I said in my last post that I haven't really had much of a sweet tooth (STILL TRUE) but, today I came across this:

via Creature Comforts blog via Crustabakes blog...and WOWZA does it look yummy!

This recipe is definitely getting filed away and saved for a special occasion!  

I need a tart pan first though...anyone with tart-making experience have any tips on where to get the best tart pan?? 

Any other yummy tart recipes I should try?  We ate some super yummy peaches with dinner tonight and I was thinking..."I wonder how to make a peach tart?"   I love baked goods with fruit in them...so delectable! 


prego update

So I doubt any of you care to know these details, but i want to document them nonetheless.

So far this pregnancy has been different from my others because I have puked and gagged more than EVER before and just have generally had a more sensitive stomach and nose...even things I THINK about can make my stomach turn!  It's crazy.

That was pretty bad for about 3 straight weeks...but for the past week or so it has really started to taper off, which I am thankful for.  Usually around 12-14 weeks I start to feel pretty normal again, so I'm really hoping this icky business is over soon!

One of the hardest/most annoying things to deal with is that I am ALWAYS starving and yet NOTHING sounds good to eat.  Seriously?  That is so ridiculous!  I hate it!  I normally have a super sweet tooth and crave chocolate ALL the time...well so far, most sweet things do NOT sound good to me.  The one thing I have craved alot is POTATOES...mashed, fries, baked, in soup, etc.  I guess I just want the starchy stuff...don't know why.

Another thing I've craved is MEAT.  But the hard part about that, is that I don't like the smell of it cooking...so that means I have to get take out or something.  Protein definitely helps keep me fuller longer, but still isn't a magic fix!

I have NO feeling one way or the other about whether this baby is a girl or a boy...no dreams or impressions...but, I never had anything like that with my other pregnancies either, so I'm not really expecting to this time!  However...my first ultrasound is on March 18th...so maybe we will find out then???  I will be about 14.5 weeks then...that's still a bit early to tell for sure, but I'm excited to see our little peanut on that screen!!!

Drew still doesn't really have any idea about the baby...Jakob and Joshy are still very excited!  It's hard to imagine a 4th edition of brad+shari...but I am so excited to meet this baby and see his/her big brothers smother him/her with lots of LOVE!

Thank you to everyone who has wished me well and asked how I am...and offered to help out!  It means a lot and I truly am grateful to have so many friends and family who are willing to help when we need it!  LOVE YOU GUYS!


our little angel

Joshy had his first ever baseball game on Monday night...he still has a ways to go, but we are super proud of his awesome effort!  Here are a few pics of my adorable little angel! (click on the images to enlarge)