are you kidding me????

2010 must be the year for Brad to plan BIG surprises for me...

First, he booked a photo session with a photog that I love (Natalie Norton) and now, for my birthday, he registered me for a photography workshop that I've dreamed about attending...THE LYON SHOP!

I am still in shock.

Just finished filling out the registration questionnaire and will be putting it in the mail today.

My head is spinning...I feel a little bit nervous...but SOO, SOOOOO, excited! Hopefully my brain will be able to handle all the amazing information that will be coming my way on May 18th!

Thanks babe! You seriously ROCK!

Oh...and today is my 32nd birthday.

happy birthday to me! :)


one day without shoes

*** pause my playlist before viewing video ***

I have kinda wanted a pair of TOMS shoes for a while now...but haven't forked over the cash for them yet...if and when I do, I think I like these ones the best...(yes, I know they are MENS...but I have wide feet and I doubt the women's shoes would fit me...)

Even though I haven't bought the shoes yet...when I saw that April 8th was "One Day Without Shoes" I felt compelled to participate and thought I'd share the idea with you...click HERE for more info...

How many of us have closets full of shoes? Shoes that we never even wear? Shoes that hurt our feet but we wear them anyway? Shoes that protect our feet that we take for granted?

I think I might have a little barefoot parade around my cul-de-sac tomorrow...I'm sure all the kiddos will think it's really fun!!! (my kids run around barefoot most of the time anyway!)


Vote For Joyce!

Joshy's sunbeam teacher was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last fall...and has undergone a double mastectomy, losing her hair, etc...and is just an amazing woman.  She wears the cutest hats and always has a smile on her face...and Joshy just adores her.

I just got an email forwarded to me to vote for her to be an honorary bat girl for the Angles!  Please take 30 seconds to read her story and vote for Joyce!

Click HERE and you may have to scroll down or hit "next" page to find her name "Joyce."

Thank you!  Go Angels and Go Joyce!!!!!!!!!!


It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants.

The question is, "What are we busy about"?

--Henry David Thoreau


2 pieces of VERY good news!


Natalie Norton is coming to the mainland this summer for workshops AND photo sessions! Here are the details of her roadtrip:


July 1: photography workshop
July 2: still available for limited sessions

Cardston Alberta:

July 5 or 6: limited sessions
July 8: limited sessions in Edmonton
July 9:  photography workshop in Edmonton

Utah (Utah and Salt Lake Counties):

July 13: workshop with me and Jonathan Canlas
July 15th: limited sessions

Orange County or San Diego CA:

July 22nd: limited sessions
July 23rd: limited sessions

My husband knows how much I love/respect/admire Natalie...and so he kept asking me if I wanted to book a session with her. Well, YES, DUH! Little did I know that he had already contacted her and booked a session for our family...and was going to keep it a secret until my birthday in two weeks. AWWW! Seriously? So cool! BUT, I ruined the surprise, slightly, because when I emailed Natalie to book a session, I also asked her if it would be OK to advertise her roadtrip on my blog...because I thought maybe some of my family and friends might want to book sessions or attend her workshops as well... So, Brad didn't want Natalie to miss out on any possible bookings...so he told me his secret! :) Love that man! I am so blessed.

So, we are booked for July 22 with Natalie...CAN'T WAIT! Now I need to lose about 25lbs...and get a tan! :)

Take a minute to browse her blog, Pics and Kicks...she is so talented and offers wonderful advice to photographers on her sidebar. She has been featured in InStyle Weddings, Exquisite Weddings and Ceremony Magazine, and she writes articles for DPS (an AMAZING and F-R-E-E resource!).  She was also recently interviewed by Totally Rad Actions...check it out HERE.

If you're interested in booking a session or for pricing info, contact her here: natalienorton@gmail.com 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally meet her in person...I've been following her blog/life for a little over a year now. Not in a "pscyho-fan" way, but in an "I-feel-like-I've-known-her-forever" kind of way. She just has a way with words that makes you feel like you KNOW her.  So, don't delay...she will be all booked up soon!  (if she isn't already!)  And p.s. Jonathan Canlas is A-MAZING as well...so if you're in Utah, or able to travel up there for the workshop...I guarantee that with the two of them, you will be getting a priceless amount of knowlege/advice/experience out of it...  sigh...wish I could go!


I've heard a rumor that Cafe Rio is opening in Costa Mesa in a few weeks! Not sure of the actual date yet...but I will post it when I find out!

Yum, yum, yum...can't wait!  :)