What Is Motherhood?

This is a link to an article that one of my friends (also a mother) recently shared with me. Check it out if you're interested!



My Three Sons

Yes, you read that right...my THREE sons! It's a boy! We had our ultrasound today and that 60% chance turned into 100% that it is a boy! Now...all we need is a name! Any suggestions???

We are very excited and it was reassuring to see that he is healthy and growing strong. His little foot is 3.3 cm long -- I don't know if that's big for his age or not, but just cool to imagine a foot that small! He was very active during the ultrasound so it was kind of fun to watch! Maybe a little frustrating for the tech. though!

We're half way there! 20 more weeks and this little guy will make his appearance!


Brotherly love

Some of the most precious moments to me are when I see how much my boys care for each other. Today was Joshy's 2 year check-up and Jakob was with us too. Well, everything went very smoothly until it was time for Joshy to get his shot. The nurse asked me to sit on the table and hold him on my lap, securing one of his legs between mine and holding both of his arms down (kind of like a backward hug). Jakob stepped up on the stool to watch and I could see the fear/concern on his face as soon as he saw the needle. Josh of course was oblivious to what was about to happen and even smiled at the nurse as she picked up the needle. Then, with a quick jab she administered the shot, which produced a wail out of Joshy and a quivering lip and teary eyes out of Jakob. Seeing Jakob about to cry over his brother being sad/hurt almost made me cry! I hugged Joshy and got down from the table so Jakob could hug his brother. He gave him a hug and said, "It's OK Joshy, you'll be alright." All the while still teary eyed and quivery lipped. What a tender moment of brotherly love. I hope they will always have that kind of love for each other as they grow up.

p.s. As I finish typing this, Jakob calls out to me from the bathroom, "An eel poop! I did and eel poop Mommy!" Don't you love it when they describe their bowel movements for you? :)