My Three Sons

Yes, you read that right...my THREE sons! It's a boy! We had our ultrasound today and that 60% chance turned into 100% that it is a boy! Now...all we need is a name! Any suggestions???

We are very excited and it was reassuring to see that he is healthy and growing strong. His little foot is 3.3 cm long -- I don't know if that's big for his age or not, but just cool to imagine a foot that small! He was very active during the ultrasound so it was kind of fun to watch! Maybe a little frustrating for the tech. though!

We're half way there! 20 more weeks and this little guy will make his appearance!


Evaly said...

Yay! They will have so much fun together. Congratulations!

Carrielyn said...

Is it sad that I read the title and didn't get it right away??? lol


Jennifer B. said...