We have inherited a vegetable garden with our new place, and I'm convinced that the zucchini plant is on the verge of a hostile take over! I need to tame it soon or else our cherry tomato plant may die from lack of sunlight as well as our bell peppers! So, the other night I went out to get some veggies for dinner and found these two HUGE zucchinis...if I owned a machete, I would have used it! Instead, I just sawed thru the stem with a large knife. We ate half of one with our dinner and Brad made two loaves of YUMMY (did I say YUMMY?) zucchini bread with the other half. We have yet to eat the other one! It is taking up quite a bit of counter space so I hope to use it soon. I found a recipe for chocolate zucchini cupcakes with peanut butter frosting in my Better Homes & Gardens magazine...it was award winning...so maybe we'll give that a try. Until then, we will just admire that huge vegetable on the counter top. Here are a couple pictures of Jakob holding them...just so you can get an idea of how big they were!

Hmmmm...I see a "World's Strongest Man" competition in his future!!!!!!! (By the way...that is one of my favorite things to watch! Those guys are AMAZING!)


Evaly said...

Okay, those things should win some sort of giant-veggie award! Jakob's pretty buff :) By the way, I love the slideshow from UT- what a cool idea. It was fun to see you guys today!

Jennifer B. said...

Just catching up. Nice veggies! Your trip sounded fun. Miss you. Will you be at the next book club?

Carrielyn said...

Holy HUGE!!!

My favorite thing to do with them is slice them, drizzel them with Italian dressing, and broil them just until they start to brown.

Even MARK will eat it that way!