Grama Betty

My mom flew in last week, and it's been fun having her here. She's helped me with my gardening, cleaning, unpacking, watching my kids, sewing, etc.! The boys have loved having her here and the first two mornings Jakob came and knocked on her door (early) because he was so excited that Grama was sleeping at our house! They have enjoyed watering the plants with her and Joshy especially has enjoyed playing in the mud! She read lots of stories to them (which is one of their favorite things!) while I was busy making dinner or taking a shower or whatever. Today we are taking her down to San Clemente to stay with her dad (my grampa) and my brother & his wife and little boy. I'm sure they will also enjoy having her around! We love you Grama Betty and look forward to seeing you again when the baby is born in October!

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Carrielyn said...

hehehehe, look at Josh's adorable little face!!!