Underage Drivers

There must be something about being 2 years old and suddenly developing a fascination with driving the car. Lately Joshua hasn't wanted to get out of the car when we get home, instead he climbs up into the drivers seat and "drives." Today, when Joshy refused to get out of the car because he wanted to drive, I had a memory of Jakob doing the same thing at pretty much the same age! I knew I had pictures of it, and so I ran inside to grab the camera and take a few of Joshy doing the same thing.

So, here's Jakob "driving" at 2 years old:

And here's Joshy:


Jodi said...

What a fun tradition that you've started with your boys. Just remember to take pictures of "Cletus" when he's two too.

Carrielyn said...

It's true, there is something that clicks around that age. Those pictures are to cute!