Ok...so it's been said (and is QUITE obvious) that I'm a little obsessed with the Twilight series. Ever since I found out who is playing Bella in the movie, I can't stop thinking about who will play Edward. I never saw Star Wars with Hayden Christensen, and have in fact never seen anything with him, but I couldn't get him out of my mind as a good possible Edward. So, I looked him up on google and found a TON of really good pictures, but this one caught my eye as what I pictured Edward like. What do you think?

"Edward stood in the halo of the porch light, looking like a male model in an advertisement for raincoats." Twilight, p. 358.

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Eve said...

I can't help but picture him as Edward from the time I picked up Twilight. I'm glad you're keeping up with who is going to be who! I would have picked that Bella, but it could have been so much worse than her. I actually really liked Stephenie Meyers pick of Emily Brown? Was that her name? She was exactly how I would want Bella to look.