Somewhat psychotic...

That's how I am feeling today. I know it's a mixture of exhaustion, hormones, pain (breast infection & the WORST case of cold sores on my lip EVER), annoyance at how nasty my house is right now, etc., etc., etc. But knowing that doesn't make me feel any better about being a crazy woman. In fact I think it might be better to just be crazy for no reason at all. Didn't someone once say, "Ignorance is bliss?" Being crazy, but not knowing you're crazy or WHY you're crazy might be nice. (See...I am somewhat pscyhotic!)

side note: Drew turned 1 month old yesterday...and I can't believe how fast it's going by and how fat the little guy is getting. Yes. Fat. He has a double chin. CUTE!

So, I guess the fact that I've made it this far and am just now having psychotic moments is probably a good thing.

I hope you're all having a "normal" and "fun" weekend!

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