New Beginnings

I love this time of year, when it feels like you can start fresh and move forward with the new year. This past weekend we attended our Stake Conference, and I loved all of the messages given there. One message in particular was given twice though...during the adult session on Saturday night, and then again Sunday morning. It was that of John 2:5, which reads, "...whatsoever he saith unto you, do it." The "he" they are talking about is Jesus Christ. We were admonished to apply that message to our lives. How simple is that? Whatever Jesus Christ tells you to do, DO IT. It seemed so simple, yet so overwhelming at the same time. But when Pres. Monson said just pick 1 or 2 things to work on, and if you do, then at the end of this year the amount of growth you will have experienced will be remarkable. So, Brad and I talked and decided that the 2 things that we need the most work on right now, is prayer and scripture study - DAILY. Last night we had a good FHE with the kids (well, mostly with Jakob because Joshy was running around in circles the whole time!) about why we need to read the B of M and why we need to pray. I love hearing their answers to our questions and seeing how eager they are to learn. We got a sing along DVD of Primary Songs, and so it was really cute to see the kids singing I Am A Child Of God and Reverently, Quietly...ahhh, their voices are like angels!

With all of the things that I would like to work on in my life, I sometimes get overwhelmed and feel as if it will never happen. That kind of negative thinking never helps, so I try to find ways to stay positive and I especially love inspiring quotes. I was looking through some of my old talks, and came across this quote by Heber J. Grant:

“I feel that we should learn never to become discouraged…I believe when we determine within our hearts that by and with the blessings of God our Heavenly Father we will accomplish a certain labor, God gives the ability to accomplish that labor;”

So, if I am praying diligently for help to accomplish the things that I desire, the Lord will most definitely help me do that. And I've learned that it's OK to pray for small and simple things...like asking for the energy and motivation to just get the laundry done, or the dishes put away, or the grocery list made. When you have a house full of crazy kids and it seems like you can't get a quiet moment, the bathroom fan can work wonders to drown out the noise! No one has to know that you're not really using the bathroom!! :)

I hope that whatever you've decided to work on in your life this year will be accomplished and I hope that we can all help eachother in any way we can.


Steve & Tiffany said...

AMEN! I love the quote you shared. I was also very impressed with this Stake Conference. I'm glad the gospel is simple....no more excuses! ha ha It seems that life is the busiest for us it has been since we've been married and so it's nice to know that when we slack on VERY important things God is there helping us to "DO IT" better! I love the gospel! Thank you for this post!

The Kikuchi's said...

Shari thanks so much for this post!!!! Seriously something I needed to hear!

Jillyboo said...

Thanks so much. The photographer was someone who we found through Luke's preschool, a parent. She did a fantastic job.
If you are interested in any photography let me know. A professional photographer, and friend, is coming down in May to shoot for me and some friends. She is amazing!!! And I am really excited that she's going to come do this. Anyhow, let me know on Sunday if you have any interest. I will tell you the details and give you a place to see her work.