Spring Blossoms

My neighbor has a tree that is covered in pink blossoms right now, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Along with it's beauty, are lots and lots of bees! My kids are a bit afraid to play outside sometimes because there are so many bees. All you have to do is stand underneath the tree and you can hear a loud hum from all the bees!

Here's a pretty good close-up of a bee collecting pollen.

Beautiful pink blossoms! (Not sure what kind of tree it is, sorry!)

Very fragile looking, and even still has a lot of buds, so I'm guessing it will stay in bloom for a bit longer.

This is a view up at the sky standing under the tree. I thought the colors looked so beautiful and "spring-timey" -- I love this time of year!

When I was done taking all of those pictures of the tree/flowers, I noticed this on the patio. Isn't it cute when your kids get excited about "CTR?" I love it!!!!


Jenksy said...

I love the picture of the pink tree blossoms and the blue sky behind it. All it needs is an Easter poem and it could be a hallmark card! SPRING & SUMMER are the best times of year! I'm getting excited!

Jodi said...

CTR, what a cute picture/memory for Jakob to look back on.

Quinn said...

The tree looks a little bit like a peach tree...

Those are beautiful pictures!