Way To Go James!

My little brother James just graduated from Cal State Fullerton on Saturday! Yea!!! We are so proud of him, seriously, he has busted his butt this past year!!!!

It was SUPER hot - and we were all dying - but I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it was for all the grads wearing their black caps and gowns!

Here's Drew with Grama and Grampa M. under the umbrella (that we were later asked to put down "for safety reasons" - LAME!)

Here's my sister Sonya holding a naked Drew (he was so sweaty!) and my sis-in-law (James's wife) Sara, holding her sweetie, Bella.

The babies finally cooled off enough to fall asleep once we found some nice shade!!!

Here's our graduate with his beautiful and proud wife Sara!

And last but not least, me and my little bro! Congratulations James! You did it!

After the graduation, we went to lunch at Maggiano's - a family favorite. It was wonderful of course, and we all left feeling quite full! Thanks Mom & Dad!!

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