life IS short...but sweet for certain

The title of my blog is hitting me pretty hard right now. I just read something on my brother's blog about his friend's baby who recently passed away.

For all of you out there who give your kiddos snacks while you're driving, after reading this, you may reconsider doing that again. I know I have.

Even though this is terribly sad, I hope that his family is able to find the peace they need right now through the knowledge of eternal families.

Maybe we can all say a little prayer for them tonight.


Kristie K. said...

Thanks for sharing, Life can be so scarry some times. It is amazing the peace that comes as I read that God is our Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am thankful that this family has this knowledge.

Jodi said...

What a sad chain of events. My heart aches for that sweet family. I'll definitely keep them in my prayers. And I'm going rethink the snack thing...

Katie and Tim Zack said...


That just made me cry!! I feel so bad, I am seriously NEVER giving boston food in the car again! Its so sad cause its something that could have been prevented and I feel so bad for his mom, I hope she doesnt get mad at herself over it.

Dont take those babies for granted huh?!

Hope you guys are good!!


Steve, Tiffany & Brady said...

Shari I was in tears reading this. My heart goes out to that mother who probably did everything she could to help her son. I can't imagine that feeling of helplessness. I agree with Kristie...I'm SO glad that they have the knowledge of the gospel. What a wonderful feeling to know we will be together forever and that this life is but a small moment of all of the joy that is to come! I'm sorry for their loss. We'll keep them in our prayers!

Kristen said...

wow, that is quite sad. but a child can choke at any time. What an awful thing for a mother to experience. I have a friend who lost a child that she tried to do cpr on...haunts her thinking she could have done something different. And a twin...broke my heart a little bit more