dis n dat

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to these days...

Making sure we don't forget to put the gate up, because HELLO we have a climber now!

Lots and lots of walking...in addition to the 4 (approx.) miles I walk at Mile Square, I've been walking Jakob to/from school every day...Joshy isn't a fan of sitting in the stroller anymore, so sometimes it's a battle! Thank goodness fruit snack bribes still work with him -- and he doesn't know how to take off his buckle!

Spending lots of fun days with Joshy while Jakob is at school...eating lunch outside is always fun, and give a him a straw and a cup of milk and it's so fun to see how making milk bubbles never loses it's luster!
Jakob has always been one to strike a pose in front of the camera...and his shirt says "less talk, more rock" -- what a cool 5-yr-old! He has since had his hair cut into a faux hawk...(thanks Kristie! I owe you!) so I'll post some pics of his new 'do later!

My sister Sonya came for a short visit...the kids were SO excited and she was kind enough to play chutes and ladders with them (after they had bugged me all morning to play...) We went to the beach and she went to see Wicked with a friend who was also in town. I always have fun with her...she's such a great sister and friend! The boys were sad when she had to leave, and kept asking when she was coming back...SO COME VISIT US AGAIN SOON!!!! :) We love ya Sonya!
And, I'll spare you an gross pictures of what an appendectomy looks like...but Brad has been getting better, little by little. He ended up getting a HUGE bruise all across his waist area, and when I say huge, I mean like probably 15 x 6 inches. But, the doc said that is normal...so it was nothing to worry about. Thanks again for all the well wishes and support and help offered/rendered! We appreciate it all so much and feel so blessed to have such good friends and family!
Where does the time go? It's already time to wake up Drew and get the kids in the stroller to walk over and pick up Jakob. 10-2 is great...but it FLIES by! I'm just glad Jakob is happy and loving school!


Steve, Tiffany & Brady said...

Cute pictures as always! Check out Drew climbing up those stairs! Holy Cow! I saw you guys walking today as I went running at Mile Square this morning! The boys are still freakin' cute! I had fun with you last night at Enrichment...you crack me up! I would LOVE the mac 'n' cheese recipe too! ha ha

Judy and Mike said...

That can't be your baby climbing up those stairs? I can't believe how big he is getting. It seems like you just had him.How fast time flies.