Just got home from the hospital with Brad...he did indeed have appendicitis, and had surgery to remove it tonight. He's doing OK and luckily it hadn't burst, so it wasn't too difficult to remove.

I just wanted to let everyone know...if you hadn't heard it through the mormon grapevine yet. :)

I also want to give a big thank you to Ken and Beverly for helping with the boys and hanging out with me at the hospital through most of it, keeping me company. And thanks to Todd for watching my boys while we were gone. It's nice to have family close by who is willing to help out with anything I need. :)

More details and updates on Brad tomorrow. (well, today really...yes, I KNOW it is late!


karen said...

Glad to hear Brad is ok now. Must have been really scary for you. Amen to having family around. Thats so nice.

Jillyboo said...

O' my gosh. How scary. I am so glad to hear that all is well and hope he continues to heal well.

Tyler and Karen said...

Wow! That is so scary. So glad he's okay. We are here to take the kids if you need, or anything else. Tell Brad to get well and that we're thinking of him.

Steve, Tiffany & Brady said...

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Appendicitis STINKS! I had it when I was pregnant with Brady! TOTALLY get it! The appendicitis "cramps" are WORSE than contractions so I TOTALLY relate! I'm so sorry!!