Dear Santa

I was searching for a cute, free printable for my kids to write letters to Santa, and came across this:

Very cute, right? So, I thought I'd share with any of you out there who might be interested. This lady had so much cute stuff on her blog...so be careful, you might get sucked in! Check it out here:


Unfortunately we didn't get to actually write the letters tonight (as originally planned for our FHE activity...) but that's OK. We still have plenty of time. We plan on taking the kids over to Macy's to put their letters in the red mailbox (which also counts as a $1 donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation).

Jakob has already written a make-shift list...and the funniest thing on his list was "junk so I can build stuff" -- CLASSIC JAKOB! I am definitely keeping that one in his baby book. :)


Kristie K. said...

I checked it out, and they have a reindeer food one, I love it!
I remember doing that when I was a girl, I was going to make some for garren to give to his friends, thanks for making it so much cuter.

Jessie said...

This is totally adorable. I think I'll have to wait until next year to try this. They don't totally understand the concept of Santa yet...

Kristen Joy said...

this looks fun!