I'm a Federal employee??? WHAAAATTTT????


It is true.

I was officially sworn in as a Federal Employee today. I will be doing work for the US Census Bureau!

What did I get myself into?

40 hours of training! (That's 5 consecutive days of training!)

Who's going to watch my kids?

We only have one car! HOw is this going to work?

Somehow, it will.

After the training is complete, I will then be required to work 20-25 hrs a week verifying addresses in my community. I can work when it is convenient to me (as long as it is daylight hours) - SWEET! Right?? Yeah, I'm stoked. I know it's only temporary, but the extra money will definitely help while we have it! :)

You should see my cool badge...it looks so official! (Sorry, no pics... NO TIME!)

Just wanted to share my news!


Carrielyn said...

OOOO I like the work when you want as long as it's daylight part!! That is WAY cool!

Lisa said...

Good thing I got your time when I did.. Good luck get some good walking shoes lol

Brad and Vanessa said...

Let me know if I can help watch your kids!

Jessie said...

Congrats! Sounds like it will be fun but hard...good luck!

LeBaron Family said...

I'll help out with kids!

Melissa said...

Wow. I now know a federal employee. :)

Tiffany J said...

YEAH! What a cool job! I know you've been offered this by a ton already but PASS THE BOYS ON OVER! Honestly Brady would love it! Let us know! We love them!

Kristen Duke said...

are you knocking doors or computer work?