Bunco Babes

My Bunco group rarely takes group pictures (don't know why...) but this week we had a baby shower for my friend Jaclyn (in the black and white shirt in the middle...see her baby's pictures here) and I wanted her to have at least one group picture from that night! I think it turned out pretty cute... I love all of those girls! Then after we ate and visited for a while, we played 1 round of bunco -- hey, we have to keep it official and actually play, right? How else would we know who wins the prizes???

Front, left to right: Me, Vanessa Parker, Heidi and Kamaile Vea
Back, left to right : Michelle Holbrook, Alisa Ziebarth, Kim Harvey, Edie Crabtree, Jaclyn Homan, Erica Wilker, Kristie Kerr & Barbara Tarayao.

The only one who was missing is JODI!!! Sorry girl! We need to do another group photo next time...


Jodi said...

Looks like a fun night, I was bummed I couldn't make it! And the pictures of Zaden are adorable. Love that damask backdrop; gorgeous!

Brian said...

Nice pic ladies. Now in bunco, does a full house beat a flush?


Tiffany J said...

What a fun group!

Thanks for your kind words on my last post. When life gives us "lemons" its always important to make "lemonade".

Jillyboo said...

That looks like such a fun group. I love how long you've all been doing this, something to look forward to.
And I am always loving to see your newest pictures. You do such a good job.
Cant wait to see you in a few weeks.

Kristen said...

i love girly group shots!