Happy Pioneer Day!

One big happy group of pioneer kids (and 2 of the moms) right before the big trek!

Joshy and Drew enjoying the shade of our covered wagon.

Check out how awesome Kristie is...carring a baby and a bag AND pulling two kiddos in a wagon. What a STRONG woman!!!

Drew enjoyed the ride all the way to the park...but as soon as he caught sight of the playground, he made his escape!

Thanks to Kristie for organizing all of it...the kids always have fun dressing up and then playing together at the park afterward.

How did you celebrate Pioneer Day?


Judy and Mike said...

So much fun!

allypally said...

Your covered wagon is my favourite thing about Pioneer Day!!

Melissa said...

You girls are too cute. So sorry to miss it!

Carrielyn said...

I'm pretty sure the pioneers did NOT have flip flops, lol! Way too cute.

Jodi said...

I love the wagon!

We spent the 24th camped out saving the 3rd wards fire pits at the beach. A lady paid us $200 dollars for one of our pits-the bishop took it (for the missionary fund) after refusing about 20 times. Just thought I'd throw that out if anyone wants to supplement their incomes in this tough economy.

Looks like the trek was a blast, too bad we couldn't be two places at once!