San Clemente Slideshow

We had a blast with the Hansons down at my grandparents' condo in San Clemente. Some of them weren't able to come, and we missed them...but hopefully we can do something like this with everyone in the future!

The beach was gorgeous of course and the tide was unusually low early in the morning, so we went down to look for starfish and such a few times. We even found an octopus and scooped it up (with a load of sand!) and rescued it! Diego would be so proud! :) There were loads of hermit crabs and one even got stuck to my sweatshirt!

We were even able to go to an Angels game with everyone...it was fun! Vladdy wasn't doing to well that night, and so we didn't see many homeruns...but it was still fun and they won! It is hard to watch the game with so many little kids to keep track of, but I think everybody had a good time. They even had a giveaway that night -- jerseys for all the kids -- more like dresses! They are HUGE! But so cute. Jakob has slept in his already -- perfect sleep shirt!

The following week the Mortensens (my side of the family) arrived, and we got to continue visiting down in San Clemente a bit longer. I think it is so important for kids to spend time with their cousins -- that was something I loved doing when I was little so I was so happy for them to get a full dose of Hansons and Mortensens all within a 2 week period!

All in all it was a fabulous time and I wish I lived at the beach. Can't get enough of it! Sunshine and the calming sound of waves crashing is the perfect recipe for a great summer!!!! Anyone want to join us here in Huntington anytime soon??? I think it's time for a beach day!!!!


Maria said...

Great slide show. I really like the picture with the grandkids. So cute!!!

Evaly said...

That octupus looks nasty- I can't believe you touched it! Thanks for a very fun week :)

Tiffany J said...

What fun pictures! I couldn't agree more with the desire to LIVE at the beach! One day I'm going to! ha ha We are always up for beach days!!

Melissa said...

So fun! We start our 'cousin-fest' next week and will do two weeks of visiting in July with another week in August. Can't wait to immerse myself in family!

Deb said...

What a fun trip for all of your family! Looks like the boys had a blast at the beach looking at all the cool sea life.