Dancey Dance Time!!! The Razzle Dazzle Dance

This is hands down, the FUNNIEST Dancey Dance we've ever seen on Yo Gabba Gabba! While we were in Utah we watched it and had to rewind and watch it over and over...Thanks Leslie for a good laugh!!!!!! Check her out HERE, she is a TRIP! (don't forget to pause my playlist first...and click on the HD button at the bottom of the YouTube screen for better viewing!!!) ENJOY:

I have a ton of pics to go through from our trip, as well as 4 photo sessions to edit...so hopefully sometime next week I will have some slideshows of our fun trip to Utah! It was so good to see family again...we miss everyone already!


Melissa said...

oooo. Maybe I could use some of that in the show. Ha, ha! Thanks for sharing. We don't watch much now that the girls are in school. :(

Kat said...

Part of me is kicking myself that I am not in LA filming this show right now!! But, I love that you posted this! It's like seeing my family at work! lol

Thanks for your comments on my blog! It makes me happy to know that I am not writing it for no one! Plus, you are so right on the eye sharpening! Ugh! I was totally a victim of that in the beginning!

As for Vaudeville, I auditioned for it just after I got back from Japan last year, and we started rehearsals in Montreal just over a month ago. It's pretty exciting, but it's a lot of work too! I can't wait to see what it becomes!