i ♥ my 4-yr-old

he loves to snuggle, hug, sit on my lap, give eskimo and butterfly kisses, and real kisses too

he loves to be tickled

he has a slight obsession with MarioKart right now

he is learning how to love and have fun with his little brother

he loves to pray

he is so expressive and enthusiastic ( a little too much sometimes!)

he loves his big brother and tries to be like him

he is loud -- he wants to be heard

but...he is sometimes shy...hard to believe, i know!

he has cool light-up police sketchers

he started full-time preschool today (5 days/week, from 9am-12pm)

i am excited for him to learn and grow...but i will miss my little buddy while he's gone!

isn't he a handsome boy?

i think so... :)


Tobi said...

Such a handsome guy (but I miss the curls!)

Adam wanted those same shoes, but I couldn't fork out the cash. What a lucky guy.

Maria said...

What a cute picture. He is so handsome.

Feather Fam. said...

He IS cute... and Pie girl LOVED sitting by him at church on Sunday. I think I even caught a little flirting!

Sonya said...

He is precious!

Carrielyn said...

He is just tooooo cute!!