Jakob's 7th Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Jakob's "Mad Scientist Party" and it was a lot of fun! I had each boy put on their lab coat (a men's white t-shirt cut up the middle), safety goggles, safety mask, gloves and name tag before they could begin their first experiment, which was called "Molecule Mania." They got to build molecules using toothpicks, dots and marshmallows:

Next we went outside and did an experiment called "Color Collisions." You put a small amount of milk in a bowl, one drop of food coloring, and then you dip a toothpick in dishsoap and then dip the toothpick in the center of the food coloring and it immediately spreads out making a ring. It looks really cool...the kids were amazed!
Next we went back inside, and did a static electricity experiment, rubbing balloons on their heads, making their hair raise and seeing if the balloon would stick to the wall on it's own.

Their next experiment was "Discovering Geodes." Brad helped by cracking the rocks open with a hammer, and then the boys examined them using their magnifying glasses. Some of the geodes actually had some really pretty crystals inside...thanks Lakeshore!

Next we went across the street to a grassy area and got ready to watch some Mentos/Diet Coke explosions...we had never done this before so we weren't sure how messy it would be...the boys loved it...the only thing I didn't like was how short lived it was...oh well!

Then we went back and made snow...and also checked on our sealife capsules...you can see some of them had popped out while we were gone. The boys loved the snow...it was really fun! We still have it in a ziploc bag in the freezer!

After everyone got cleaned up from the snow experiment, we came inside to sing happy birthday and have cupcakes...of course Jakob had to examine the cupcakes first... :)

Brad got some dry ice and made this punch look like a smoking potion...it was cool...the boys were kind of afraid to drink it though...

After cupcakes all the boys gathered around Jakob as he opened his gifts...he got some really fun things...and had fun reading the jokes in this card...all the boys were giggling!

Here are all the Mad Scientists...aren't they cute?! Joshy actually looks mad... ha ha!

Here's Jakob's impersonation of a real "Mad Scientist" -- I think he hit it on the head!

Since we only plan friend parties every other year, it was really fun to make this extra special for Jakob...after everyone went home, he said, "Thanks for the best birthday party ever!"

I can't believe I have a 7-yr-old!!!!!


Jen said...

What a fun party! I'll have to try some of those experiments with Parker. How did you get the explosion? Again, way cool party!

Sara Mortensen said...

I can't believe he is 7 so nuts the years just keep coming! What a cute birthday idea, totally fits him.

Shawna said...

That is THE coolest idea I've ever seen for a kid's birthday party. Looks like the boys had a blast!

Ashley and James said...

That's such a cool birthday party idea! I can't believe he's 7 either! It seems like only yesterday he was sneakily climbing on the kitchen table and eating Ali's birthday cake :)

Ari Kelly said...

You are the coolest mom! Where do you get all your great ideas? -Ariane

Tobi said...

How fun! I love clever parties. Extra Mom Brownie Points for you!

Maria said...

What a great party!!! Where do you get your ideas?

Evaly said...

Carter went to a party like that in Sept. and totally loved it! Looks like you had fun too. Happy Birthday Jakob!

Steve and Kirsten said...

That is seriously the most creative and fun party I've seen yet. I'll have to remember that one. Looks like he had a good time.

Kristie K. said...

I LOVE IT!!!! the pictures are great and the science theme is perfect for jakob. And seriously 7! that means he is going ot be baptized next year!!!!

great pictures! it gets me excited for Garren's party.