a prayer please

A fellow photographer and "virtual" friend, Natalie Norton, had a her 4th baby boy 8 weeks ago. He is now in the hospital, and is need of your prayers...as well as Natalie and the rest of her sweet family. Please take a minute or two to offer a prayer on their behalf.

For more on what's been happening, follow her on twitter HERE and read the most recent update on her blog HERE.

Thank you!

(tears streaming down my face as I type this...)

p.s. maybe throw in a little bit about the missing Utah mom, Susan Powell too! I'm sure Heavenly Father wouldn't mind listening a bit longer...


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing Shari. I love what you said about Heavenly Father not minding listening a little longer. :)

Kristen said...

did you meet her on the forum? or elsewhere?