fun st. patty's day ideas...

Now that Valentine's Day is over...I can't help but get excited about the holiday around the corner...and the kids can't wait either!

So, I wanted to share a few fun ideas that I've come across...not sure if I'll even DO any of them...but hopefully at least one!

The first is this cute pot-o-gold...it could be a gift for a teacher, or just a fun decoration/treat for your own family to enjoy...(click HERE for the how-to)

Every year Jakob desperately wants to catch a leprechaun, and rigs up all sorts of traps with old boxes, string, sticks, etc...but to no avail.  I came across this cute idea, and thought this might work!  Plus it would be fun to have a trap that we can re-use every year... (cliek HERE for the how-to)

Who wouldn't like to taste a rainbow?  Wouldn't these cupcakes look cute topped with a gold candy coin, or better yet nestled in a black cauldron (bring out your halloween decorations!) filled with gold coins!?  Melissa...maybe you could whip up some of these puppies for one of your cupcake recipes to try out?

(click HERE for the recipe) 

Next, I am the first to declare that I am NOT crafty, however, I am CAPABLE and if I have the right tools and supplies, I can whip up some pretty cute things...  that being said, I think I just might HAVE to make at least one of these cute pins for myself...just because the phrase "wee lass" brings back fond memories of when I was living with my sister Sonya... (I'm not so wee!!!!!!!!!! --- inside joke!)

(Click HERE for the how-to)

Well that's it for now...but wait, one more picture...if I had a dog, I'd totally dress him up like this for St. Patty's Day!!!

Is that not the cutest dog costume you've ever seen?????  I LOVE IT!

p.s. I'd love to hear what fun ideas you have in store for St. Patty's Day, or any fun traditions that you do!


Melissa said...

Ha, ha. I may have to add those cupcakes to my schedule! They look really fun. We don't do a lot, but we do have a green breakfast -- green pancakes or green eggs -- and we wear green all day. I haven't done too much with the Leprechaun theme. I need to pull out my cute ideas from last year's Secret St. Patty's Day exchange and see what is in there!

By the way, do you know who had me for Valentine's Day? I wanted to say thank you. I posted the goods on my blog, but they got buried when I did my 10 catch-up posts from my sister's visit.

Thanks for the great ideas!!!

Kim Harvey said...

Dude, you are the cutest mom! Personalized Valentines and now this! Love all the ideas!

Tobi said...

That dog costume made me laugh so hard!

BTW i LOVED the valentine's you did for Jakob. (Just in case I didn't say it before) Amazing!

Jodi said...

That dog cracks me up!
We're big into the corned beef and cabbage. We also like to make lime sherbet floats with whipped cream and green sprinkles for our drinks. Who doesn't love a little desert while you eat dinner?

Carrielyn said...

I am TOTALLY doing the pot of gold! I have some little pots that would work just perfect! How cute.

And while I normally make fun of ALL dog costumes, I must say that one is pretty cool.