too much tv

if you're like me, you often create scenarios about people you see, random strangers...  i make up stories about them in my head...like if a really rude driver cuts me off, sometimes i wonder why they're having such a bad day?  is it cuz they didn't get enough sleep, no coffee yet?  or did someone they love die?  did they lose their job?  etc.  well today, while waiting to turn right at an intersection, there was a man pacing back and forth on the corner, talking on his cell phone...and it looked like he was looking for someone - a car maybe.  it got me thinking...is someone picking him up??  then i noticed a big leather bag on the curb...and assumed it must be his...but why did he just set it on the curb?  maybe it has a bomb in it.  that was my first thought...no, scratch that, it's not a bomb. 

then he got really upset, threw one of his hands up in the air, and hung up his phone.  at this point, he had turned and was walking right toward us...we made eye contact.  i could see he was very upset, not mad...but almost panicked.  he was kind of muttering to himself...he grabbed the bag, and i noticed it must be heavy by the way he threw it up on his shoulder...then he stood on his toes as if to help him see further down the road, and then quickly turned and crossed the street...when he got to the other side, he set the bag down, and again started pacing, and then reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone...still looking all around, as if to find someone...and then his phone must have rang because he started talking and i could tell he was very upset... 

then we turned the corner and the man was out of sight...  but as i continued driving down the road, i started wondering about him...why was he so upset?  and WHAT was in that bag??? 

one word came to my mind:


then immediately my mind started whirling and images of a kidnapped child popped into my head, tied up and gagged somewhere in the back of a car, waiting to be rescued by the man with the bag, pacing on the corner.  

at that very moment, i had a realization.  

i watch too much t.v.


no more csi.

no more criminal minds.

no more law & order.

no more.


LeBaron Family said...

Whew. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks of these silly things and ditches TV.

Tobi said...

That is way better than anxious episodes about yourself. One time I was at the gym eye-ing a strange looking man. Who knows how long I was sitting there becuase in my mind he followed me out the parking lot, abducted me, raped and killed me, rolled me into a rug, and was getting ready to dump my body.

Drugs have helped.

Deb said...

Wow...I think i would have done the samething, but really no more TV, good for you if that sticks!

Lidija said...

Darling, switch to Lost! :)