What Type Are You?

Spending seven years researching typefaces and personalities, twenty-three academics from Pentagram created What type are you?. A four question test that analyses your character and recommends what type is perfect for you.
Those of you who know me well, do you agree with this assessment?


Sonya said...

Um, yes. "That's why" and "bite me" say it all....ha ha ha!

Melissa said...

Sounds good. I took the quiz (the guy is annoying!) and am Pistilli Roman. I've never seen that time, but I like it. :D It was emotional, assertive, traditonal and disciplined. The thing that cracked me up is that it asked me if I was sure I hadn't been to visit the site before and to please try an alternate spelling of my name. Ha, ha. There isn't one! I had to use my maiden name.

Jimmy Mad said...

I'm UNIVERSAL type :)