4 minutes of your time

Our lesson in RS today was on prayer and our teacher wanted to show us a video but was unable to get it to work, so she instead told us the story. I loved it and immediately searched for it on youtube when I came home. So, here it is... (pause my playlist before watching)

After she told us the story, she then discussed her ideas about all the different prayers that were answered that day. A mother and father must have prayed for their children to be kind, and to have opportunities to serve. A mother must have prayed for her older children to be good examples to their younger siblings. A husband prayed for his sick wife, and prayed for opportunities to work to provide for his family. A wife prayed for her husband to have the strength to do that work. Children prayed for food for their hungry tummies.

So many prayers answered in one small moment.

A lesson learned that impacted a young boy, probably for the rest of his life.


Zack Family said...

I love that! Thanks for sharing that. What a great message to always think about everyday of our lives.

Tobi said...

That was beautiful. I love all the things you share!

Melissa said...

I've seen this before and shared it with my girls. LOVE it!

Jessie said...

What a great video and a sweet story! I loved hearing Pres. Hinckley's voice again :)