one day without shoes

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I have kinda wanted a pair of TOMS shoes for a while now...but haven't forked over the cash for them yet...if and when I do, I think I like these ones the best...(yes, I know they are MENS...but I have wide feet and I doubt the women's shoes would fit me...)

Even though I haven't bought the shoes yet...when I saw that April 8th was "One Day Without Shoes" I felt compelled to participate and thought I'd share the idea with you...click HERE for more info...

How many of us have closets full of shoes? Shoes that we never even wear? Shoes that hurt our feet but we wear them anyway? Shoes that protect our feet that we take for granted?

I think I might have a little barefoot parade around my cul-de-sac tomorrow...I'm sure all the kiddos will think it's really fun!!! (my kids run around barefoot most of the time anyway!)


matthewandsherihanson said...

Ha ha Oh my gosh! Me, Matt and Heather all bought a pair of those today! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!

Maria said...

I have never seen those shoes, they are cute.

Kristie K. said...

Thanks for sharing the message! i put it on my blog too!

i love you shari and your big heart.

Melissa said...

I could never do this. I LOVE and appreciate my shoes so much. My feet HURT when I don't wear shoes for a long time. I would never survive in another country and am very mindful that many do not have shoes. I wish I could by shoes for millions and cushion their feet. My hub would go barefoot all the time, but we who cannot can better empathize. What a great movement. Thanks for sharing!