"do you vear vigs?"

I had so much fun photographing anything and everything during our girls weekend in San Clemente (about 6 weeks ago!) but have yet to be able to blog about any of it...

This photograph makes me laugh...and also creeps me out a little bit. The wigs are rad, but mannequins freak me out a little bit...not my favorite things!

Anyway, it reminded me of an easter egg from Lord of the Rings...one that we frequently quote...so if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about! If not, then you must try to find it on your DVD!


Sonya said...

Do you wear vigs?
Will you wear a vig?
When will you wear a vig?
Why are you not wearing a vig?

Ha ha! Good one Shari, love that easter egg....good memories :)

Erika said...

Thanks for coming down last night, it was great seeing you!!! Sorry we both fell asleep...