life with 3 little boys

is always an adventure...

discovering new bugs

thanking my lucky stars that no one sliced their hands on the
mirror they shattered in the alley by the dumpster

smelling diaper cream and turning around to see Drew's hair, face, arms and legs covered in it

walking out the door to go to church and hearing Brad ask if I have keys?
shaking my head no, and realizing we are locked out...
then breaking in through the kitchen window
(thanks joshy for being just the right size to fit through the window!)

the endless drawing on surfaces other than paper...walls especially

monster sounds and climbing on furniture acting like monkeys

putting Drewbie down for a nap only to find him out of bed 2 seconds later saying,
"it's fweaky in hewe"

finding half-eaten strawberries, apples and peaches all over the house, 
courtesy of DREW 

hearing about pee-pees, weiners, privates, nuts, and weinees numerous times a day

wondering how such a small body can produce so much gas?
(thanks Joshy...)

3-D paper creations taped to the underside of the top bunk
(jakob is crafty!)

reading stories called "The Battle of Good and Evel" and being 
grateful that "good" always wins in these stories... 

bruising your heel from stepping on another magnetic marble...OUCH!

my favorite parts of the day are when I hear them laughing, 
feel their hugs
and see them smiling. 

I wouldn't have it


John and Becky said...

You have THE cutest boys!! I told John if our kids look like yours...they no doubt will be cute :)

I loved reading about all the crazy, fun, things your boys do.

Maggie May said...

that is a really awesome photo. i'd frame and hang it!

Maria said...

Too funny! I laughed so hard. I step on legos and bionicles all the time.

Tobi said...

It doesn't look hard to loves boys that are so adorable!

Deb said...

Your summed it up pretty good. All boys makes for one fun day! I agree you have some of the cuttest boys...that should make up for it...right?

Ari Kelly said...

It IS fweaky in hewe! LOL! I will be repeating that for a while :)

Kat said...

We need a better way to contact each other than leaving comments on our blogs! You must email me directly! :) I have been pretty out of the loop of life the last few months, but I am hoping to get my head on straight soon. I'm here in Seattle and just trying to get better, but it's a painstaking process. How are you? How's your beautiful family? email at my normal email when you get a chance:
PS- I love that you dreamed of me! I really do hope I get to meet you in person someday soon!

Melissa said...

Great post Shari!

Jessie said...

This post makes me happy. Your boys are cuties. I hope we get one some day.