a lightbulb went on

Last week I watched a video clip of an interview with Gabrielle Blair - author of Design Mom. I loved that she pointed out that she doesn't multi-task. She has dedicated time for being Mommy and dedicated time for work.

When I heard her say this, a glaring BRIGHT light bulb went on in my brain. BINGO! This has been staring me in the face since I went to the Lyon-Shop back in May...and Amelia (mommy to 2 darling little boys) said pretty much the same thing.

But HOW do I do this? Well, I've been considering a few possibilities of WHEN I can WORK without interruptions, but I know it will take a lot of dedication and discipline on my part since I happen to want to work at ALL THE WRONG TIMES! (usually when my kids are sitting in the kitchen eating everything they can get their hands on and destroying the house...) It's kind of like an escape for me.

So, I either have to wake up early before the kids so I can work quietly and uninterrupted, or stay up late after they are in bed -- which is harder for me since my husband is home and wants to spend time with me... I feel conflicted!

Anyway, today I came across a wonderful article called, "How To Live A Single-Tasking Life" over at The Daily Brainstorm. This article just completely solidified this idea of taking it ONE THING AT A TIME. It's OK if I'm not capable of successfully multi-tasking. I am truly thankful for reading it, and plan on putting it into practice TODAY.

I highly recommend the article, and I'd also love to hear how you divide your time and balance our your busy lives.

p.s. Thank you for all the kind comments/encouragement on my previous post!

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Melissa said...

I used to watch Super Nanny, and I loved the way she worked with working parents. She had them make a schedule where work time was work time and family time was family time. That resonated with me. I like the Julie Morgenstern outline of looking at your time like containers with only one thing fitting into each container. And being realistic about how long something takes helps too. I try to follow that, but it takes a lot of concentration and a goal. There are days where I feel like I have ADHD and cannot think about just one thing at a time. I feel like I have to do it all now. But I miss "moments" and end up getting overwhelmed, and I shut down. I know one thing at t time is the better way. :)