happy birthday drewbie!

3 years ago today I held this little guy for the first time...
I can't believe how fast time has flown by...

We love you buddy!
Our family would not be the same without you!
(and neither would the walls in our house...it's ironic
that is name is "DREW")
Happy Birthday!

(party pictures to come soon!)


John and Becky said...

First of all..you look GREAT for just having a baby.

Second - Happy Birthday Drew! He is such a handsome little guy.

Tobi said...

Ditto on the looking awesome after having a baby. Happy 3rd year to your baby boy! I love all the pics you post of him. He is adorable!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

Sonya said...

Drewbie, Drewbie, Drew....Happy Birthday. I hope you are doing well!