ven vill you vear vigs?

If you are lucky enough to have seen the easter egg on Lord of the Rings -- the one where Dom poses as a german reporter and interviews Elija Woods, then you know what "Ven vill you vear vigs" means!

If not, then you have an assignment to find it, watch it and laugh until you cry/pee your pants!

I just uploaded pics from our point and shoot and came across these 2 gems...

Here's what a Hanson little girl would look like:

Yeah, that's my cleopatra wig from halloween.  Too bad I never got a pick of Drew in it!  And don't you just love that the dude on the TV is getting punched?  HA!  And Joshy's dirty face and jersey!  Yeah, if we ever have a girl, she'll probably be 100% tomboy.  :)


John and Becky said...

You would definitely make one cute little girl :) And she'd have three tough older brothers to protect her!

Evaly said...

Haha- so funny :) They are such total boys!