cleanliness is next to...

IMPOSSIBLE it seems!  At least in my house!  It's partly due to the fact that #1, I don't really enjoy cleaning.  #2, I live with 3 little boys, the youngest of which is like a tornado.  #3, Did I mention that I don't enjoy cleaning? 

Well, I go through spurts of motivation to clean...and to KEEP clean.  I set a goal (with Brad) to keep our little, tiny kitchen clean...because if we do, then I might actually WANT to cook in there.  Part of the problem with this, is that we are the dishwashers.  So...washing by hand takes time, and unfortunately isn't really a job that I can trust Jakob to do yet.  So, that pretty much means that I am the dishwasher...although Brad does his fair share too!  (thanks babe!)

So...I was thinking about what motivates me to keep things clean...other than when company is coming over, or when we run out of dishes or clean underwear.  That is pretty much pushing it to the limits -- which, sad to say, but oh so true, happens more often than not.  Then I walked over and flipped the switch on my Scentsy warmer, and I realized that when my house smells good...it tricks me into thinking it's clean...so when I look around and the smell doesn't match what I see, I WANT to clean it! 

Are you driven by smell?

What keeps you motivated to keep your house clean? 

Do you have a daily routine?

What do your kids do to help out?   

DO your kids help out???

If you don't own a dishwasher (like us) who washes and who dries?

 I love this tea towel...and I would buy one but I'm pretty sure it's OUT of my budget.  So for now, I will just admire it online...and continue to trudge forward in trying to keep my house clean and smelling nice


Tall Fry said...

AAHHH you have Rooney on your TUNES!!! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Anywho -- I highly recommend assigning 1 - 2 cups per kid, 1 plate, 1 bowl and get them to decorate with sharpies and box up your extra stuff, where you can get to it, if needed, but they can't. Then make sure you have one of those soapy scrubber wands and a good step stool, and teach them (they can learn!) how to rinse out their bowl/plate/cup after they eat/drink and put in the dish rack. Set up a reward system and the next meal if their stuff isn't clean they eat/drink off their dirty stuff. Trust me -- it only takes once, maybe twice. Do it for you and Brad too!! Limit the amount of options to get things dirty and it can change your life!! Call me and we'll chat more about other ways I've figured out how to simplify some things... LOVE YOU!!!!

Jessica said...

seriously this is my life. i LOVE a clean house but find it so hard to get into a routine. if only we could all have julie carr's organization and cleaning skills :)

Jennifer B. said...

Oh boy can I relate! After being in our home 13 years,we just recently got an automatic dishwasher. If you're really interested in how we've survived, shoot me an e-mail. Otherwise I'll just say a timer and some good music can do wonders. Hang in there!

Tobi said...

I make my kids (at least the older two) do four chores before they can watch tv. It is a great motivator for them and for me. They do stuff like empty the garbage and recycling, gather and sort dirty clothes, switch and start a batch, fold laundry (10 items for a chore), clean mirrors, wipe the bathroom sink, empty the dishwasher (sorry on that one), and put away folded clothes. Surprising, despite this my house is still always a mess! (That is unless we are doing a showing - which BTW we are selling because we need some of the equity from the house to clean up some business messes and we need something a little bigger - 1500 sq ft isn't cutting it anymore!)

Feather Fam. said...

Shari... we may not hang out, but I think I love you!!!

I try to "pick up" before Jeff gets home every day and one day it was impossible. When he walked in I said I was so sorry it was such a mess and he said he didn't care. So I asked him if he ever noticed the house was somewhat presentable when he gets home from work every day and he had no clue... needless to say... I don't clean up so much for him anymore! And guess what... he really doesn't care!!! Ugh... because I DO!