a boy, 1 year, fruit salad and a new BFF

A year ago I posted these pics of Drew helping me make cookies for Valentine's day.  I can't help but drop my jaw at what a cute little baby he was -- at 2 years old he was "so grown up" but now that I see him at 3 years old and look back at him at 2 years old, I realize how "grown up" he really is now.  It's amazing how much changes in one year. 

Yesterday I took some pictures of him eating some yummy fruit salad.  I love watching my kids grow up, but I also wish I could freeze time and keep them as my babies forever.  That is one reason why I love pictures...because they transport me back to those times when my big boys were my babies...and quicker than I know it they will be men.

Drew has a new BFF named Piper...such a cutie!  We just started doing a swap where I watch her one day, and then Drew goes to Piper's house another day.  They are adorable together, and it makes me so happy to see him enjoying a friend so much.  Someday they will look back at this picture and laugh at how little they were...but seriously, look how precious they are!

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Sonya said...

Oh my goodness...they ARE precious! And that fruit salad is making my mouth water right now...even though I need to go to bed!